Head-wrap (head scarf)

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Head-wrap (head scarf)

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Rutendo Chidawanyika 

THE trend of wearing a head wrap never dates or grow old because as far as we are concerned, head wraps are here to stay! Travelling back in time, women needed to carry water in containers on their heads and a head wrap came in handy to handle the heavy load and avoid head injuries. In some culture today, wearing a head wrap as a married woman is a sign of respect to ones husband while other women cover their heads for spiritual reasons such as praying in church. If you are having a bad hair day, head wrap and have a good day. Regardless of your reasons, a head wrap is fashionable, stylish and chic. You can wear it to complete any outfit and for every occasion. 

Head wraps can contribute to longer healthier care growth. Therefore we will discuss why you should include a head wrap as part of your everyday lifestyle.

Hair becomes healthier

Your hair will always be protected from the elements (wind, rain,heat). Your hair will no longer be exposed to damaging sun rays. Or, whipping in the wind during those windy days. This means fewer split ends and breakage.

Frequent hair washing will become unnecessary 

Since your hair will be protected from pollution, dirt, and foreign substances that may be floating in the air. Additionally, your hair will hold onto moisture for longer periods of time. Therefore a less desire to repeatedly coat products on the hair strands that lead up to buildup

No more damage from everyday styling

The use of flat irons and blow dryers will no longer be needed. Now that your hair is protected by hair covering. Frequent styling of the hair will become the thing of the past. Which means no more pulling and tugging and manipulating your hair strands. 

Benefits of head wraps over NIGHT


Hair can easily tangle when you toss and turn at night. Brush your hair before bed to remove knots and gently twist your hair up on top of your head and wrap it with a silk scarf to prevent new tangles from forming. Covering your hair in this way can also help you avoid breakage and prevent split ends.

Style retention

When you spend money on getting your hair professionally styled, you want to get your money’s worth, right? Help your set or blow out last longer by covering your hair when you sleep. You can apply a dry shampoo to your hair before bed, cover your hair, and wake up to a refreshed style in the morning.

Breakouts and blemishes

Keeping hair covered and off your face at night will prevent the oils from your hair getting into the pores on your face and potentially clogging them. This helps to prevent blemishes from forming on your face. Covering your hair also prevents those same oils from transferring onto your pillow, which means you don’t have to wash your pillow cases as often, lightening your laundry load.

Curl preservation 

Natural curls can frizz overnight due to tossing and turning, which can leave you waking up to a tangled mess. Covering your hair can help secure your curls and in place and keep spirals intact. This will help to make your morning hair routine a breeze.

Minimise hair loss

If your hair is growing back in after harsh chemical treatments, covering your hair with a sleep cap will help keep your delicate hair in the best condition. A sleep cap prevents friction against your pillow and protects emerging hair as you sleep. If you are shedding hair excessively, a sleep cap will help protect against hair loss caused by abrasion.

There are more than 15 ways to wear a head wrap, however in this article we will mention a few

Braids for days — braid hairstyles are always in style. Whether you want to have box braids, thick or thin, a head wrap is the perfect way to take your everyday braid to the next level. For a simple yet boho-chic look, part your hair to the side and style it in a fishtail braid. Put on your wrap and then pull a few face-framing strands loose.

Gym hair — head wraps can also be worn to the gym. They are super cute and trendy alternative to traditional gym headband or baseball cap. Whether you prefer to throw your hair in a ponytail or a top knot, a head wrap can pull your look together and keep your hair from getting in the way during a workout.

Bow headband — we are sure you’ve seen his retro hair style circulating on your social media feeds, and you can rock it too. Simply wrap your scarf around the base of your neck and tie it at the top of your head, forming a bow. You can let your remaining hair fall down or style it into an up do or ponytail — it’s really up to you.

Head wraps are always in style, so don’t feel bad for using one; if you are having a bad hair day or can’t afford to do your hair at that moment. Wrap it up in whichever way makes you feel comfortable. — Additional information from online sources.

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