Healer on mission to make women ‘hot in bed’

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Healer on mission to make women ‘hot in bed’ Queen Aquata

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Queen Aquata

Queen Aquata

Sukoluhle Ndlovu
Traditional healer Queen Aquata, born Sichelesile Nkala has become a hit in Gweru and Harare with her traditional mixture of herbal remedies for women which makes them “hot in bed” such than no man would leave them.

Named “Chiname” the herb “makes men stuck emotionally” to their partners after a sexual encounter.

In an interview, Nkala said the herbs provide women with heat in bed, such that no man will leave them.

“Every woman’s dream is to be the keeper of her man’s heart particularly between the sheets. No woman wants her man to leave her for another woman for failing to provide the ‘heat’ between the sheets but this has been the plague of most women of this generation.

This has been exacerbated by the death in adolescent sexual teaching and traditional practices which equipped women with sex knowledge getting into marriage.

“Even in biblical terms, it’s said that people perish because of lack of knowledge and for me I will not let my fellow women perish and have their marriages and relationships collapse because of lack of knowledge.  I am a traditional healer on a mission to save women.  Back in the olden days women prepared their own set of herbs to boost their sexual drive and make them hotter than the next woman in bed. But because of the general disregard of our own traditions because of so called modernisation we now have a bigger problem on our hands which has caused collapse in most marriages, prostitution and spreading of diseases. My herbs are about cementing marriages and unlike the general misconception about herbs, Chiname is used as a tea or in porridge. This makes women feel extremely good during sex. It’s called a love and forgiveness herb because it rejuvenates the love between couples”.

Queen Aquata, who derives her name from marine species where she said she gets some of her healing powers, having been taken by mermaids at a young age, dispelled misgivings that people have about herbs and traditional healers.

“Now because of the so called ‘civilisation’ we have people who don’t know the problem between creation and satisfaction. Remember the word aphrodisiac comes from aphrodite, the name of Greek goddess of love. So even when you look at it from European perspective aphrodisiac aides love and makes marriages stronger. Actually some of my biggest clients are coming from Europe. You know with the diet that we having these days with so much fat, medication with anti-depressants and some family planning methods, women’s hormones are affected either making them ‘cold’ in bed or lose sex drive altogether.

“Now my clientele even includes those cosmopolitan women who are big in society who realised that they are losing out on pleasure and also that they were being left by men not because of bad luck but because they didn’t have the ‘glue’ to keep their men. Even those that would have lost their men to other women, I can help them get them back,” added Queen Aquata, who is a far cry from the “image” of traditional healers.

Queen Aquata, who says she represents the beautiful image of traditional healers, not those that are portrayed and old and dirty, also highlighted that because of the demand of her herbs she is at times forced to move around the country to cater for those that have challenges travelling to her base in Harare.

“I frequently go to places like Bulawayo, South Africa to provide assistance to those that are not able to come to my place. It’s not like I specialise in women only, but men as well even though some are shy so their women collect on their behalf. For me it’s all about building marriages and relationships. There should be no problems in paradise of a marriage which the bedroom,” she said.

Cases of low libido have been on the increase not only in Zimbabwe but worldwide. Known in clinical terms as hypoactive sexual desire disorder, it has been on rampant, affecting both the young and old.

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