Heroes Gwaradzimba, Malianga laid to rest

21 Jan, 2021 - 16:01 0 Views
Heroes Gwaradzimba, Malianga laid to rest President Mnangagwa

The Sunday News

Munyaradzi Musiiwa, Sunday News Reporter

NATIONAL Liberation hero Cde Motion Paul Malianga and heroine Dr Ellen Gwaradzimba have been laid to rest at the National Heroes Acre at a joint burial ceremony held according to Covid-19 regulations.

Cde Mailianga whose Chimurenga name was Dizzy died after a short illness while Dr Gwaradzimba whose pseudonym was Shee Tapera succumbed to Civid-19 related complications both on January 15.

Addressing mourners during the burial of the gallant son and daughter, President Mnangagwa said Zimbabweans should emulate and complement national liberation fighters, including Cde Malianga and Dr Gwaradzimba, to safeguard their sovereignty and develop their own country.

“These men and women sacrificed their lives, careers and families to break the yoke of colonial bondage that was wearing down the indigenous people of our great country. It was that spirit of patriotism bravery and selflessness that propelled them to confront the enemy even from a seemingly weaker position. The conviction to make their individual and collective contribution was inspired by the ideological consciousness for the need to attain sovereign independence and freedom to determine our own destiny.

On behalf of our party Zanu PF, the Government and people of Zimbabwe and on my own behalf, and that of my family, I wish to express our heartfelt condolences to the Malianga, Gwaradzimba and Munyoro families for their sad loss.

Most of our departed comrades, including the two we are bidding farewell today, envisaged a free and prosperous Zimbabwe that knew no discrimination based on colour, race, political affiliation gender or creed,” he said.

President Mnangagwa said Zimbabweans should be their own political masters and economic liberators.

“In a world that is still characterized by the powerful and economically developed, we as Zimbabwe, shall have our place as a prosperous nation. We are emboldened with hope and a sense of urgency to pursue the vision to transform the quality of life of the country’s citizenry. Indeed we are our own political masters and economic liberators,” he said.

The President challenged farmers to take advantage of the good rains and ensure optimal utilization of land and ensure food security as well as raw materials for agro-industries.

“The rainy season is underway with most parts of the country having received above normal rainfall. I exhort us to continue to work hard and to adapt as advised by our respective Agritex officials. Farmers have a duty to ensure that we have a successful agriculture season for food security as well as raw materials for our agro-industries,” he said.

He said Government would decisively deal with property developers or local authorities that allocate land for residential development on wetlands which was brought to fore by the flooding of homes in urban areas this rainy season.

Several people in most urban areas across the country have been left homeless while some have been evacuated to safe places after their houses constructed on wetlands while some in low lying areas faced flooding that emanated from incessant rains received this season.

Urban councils have been exposed by the recent floods in urban areas as it uncovered poor service delivery, ill planning and haphazard land allocation.

President Mnangagwa said while Government through the Civil Protection Department will continue to assist those affected by floods, Government will not tolerate construction of houses on wetlands. He also discouraged people from crossing flooded rivers.

“Our people are urged to exercise extreme caution when crossing flooded rivers. The Civil Protection Department will continue to assist those affected by high rainfall. The negative costly impact of building on wetlands has been brought to the fore by the flooding of homes in some parts of our urban areas. Such practices can not be tolerated and must be decisively dealt with going forward,” he said.

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