High technology propels Beitbridge one-stop shop

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High technology propels Beitbridge one-stop shop Mr Blessed Muleya

The Sunday News

Sukulwenkosi Dube-Matutu, Sunday News Reporter

INVESTING in his business through purchasing high technology equipment has helped Mr Freedom Muleya, an artisan based in Beitbridge to record significant growth in his operations.

Mr Muleya who describes his business as a one -stop shop specialises in carpentry, plumbing, floor, wall and roof tiling and painting. Under carpentry Mr Muleya specialises in installing fitted cupboards and wardrobes, roofing and ceiling. He has five workers.

Mr Muleya completed his O-level in 1994. In 1995 he moved to South Africa where he worked for several construction companies. He gained vast experience in the construction industry. The work he performed during his stay in South Africa involved construction works at Government offices, border posts, police stations, health facilities, tertiary institutions among others. Mr Muleya took the opportunity to learn various artisan skills.

A tiled roof

In 2012 Mr Muleya returned home and started his own business. He said his first priority was to buy high technology equipment in order to produce quality work.

“I gained experience in construction and carpentry while I was in South Africa. I picked up the skills as I was working and I was able to grasp various artisan skills. When I came back home I decided to start my own practice. At first I was working alone and I was using manual tools. I told myself that at some point I had to grow my business in terms of the tools I use and the quality of my products and the number of my clientele,” he said.

Mr Muleya added: “I started investing in high technology equipment and I bought one machine after the other. I bought state-of-the- art equipment from South Africa which is used by construction companies. The equipment I use includes a wood router, jigsaw, drill machines, circular saw, planer and trimming machine. The machinery I have enables me to do quality work at a faster pace. At the end of the day people are satisfied with my work as I deliver on time and my products are good quality.”

Mr Muleya said he has done work in various towns and cities across the country such as Harare, Bulawayo, Karoi, Gutu, Gweru, Beitbridge and Gwanda. He said he mainly moves across towns performing jobs in institutions and homes. Mr Muleya said he gets a lot of new customers as people contact him seeking his services after seeing the work he does.

He said his wish is to expand his business, employ more people and manufacture more products. Mr Muleya said he also hopes to get more machinery. He said he has managed to sustain his family through his work as an artisan. 

“I have realised that my strength is in being an artisan and that’s where I can get my income. I have managed to put my children through school using the money I earn through my business. I have decided to dedicate my time and effort towards being the best artisan. I have also realised the importance of acquiring various skills.”

Mr Muleya said he constantly looks out for trending styles and designs from established companies so that he can remain relevant. He said he also attends installation trainings at a South African company where he buys his materials. Mr Muleya said being an artisan required skill and creativity as there was a lot of planning needed before starting a job.

“Some people might look at the job we do and think it’s a walk in the park and anyone can do it. Being an artisan requires some science of its own, it’s not just about having the physical ability. Before I start a job I have to do some planning. For example if I’m installing a fitted cupboard or kitchen sink I have to come up with the correct measurements and designs to ensure that everything is in place and aesthetically correct. I have to also ensure that I have all the necessary equipment ready,” he said.

Mr Muleya said it was important for his fellow artisans to invest in their businesses in order to improve their products and scope of production. — @DubeMatutu

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