Highlanders confirm CEO on leave, insist nothing amiss

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Highlanders confirm CEO on leave, insist nothing amiss Nhlanhla Dube

The Sunday News

Mehluli Sibanda, Senior Sports Reporter

HIGHLANDERS Football Club have confirmed that their chief executive officer, Nhlanhla Dube is on leave, with Bosso chairman Johnfat Sibanda insisting that there is nothing amiss about the CEO’s absence.

In a statement release today (Wednesday), Sibanda confirmed what was already in the public domain that Dube was on leave. The Bosso chairman insisted all was well with the CEO going on leave.

“This serves to notify club members, fans, stakeholders and the public in general that the chief executive officer Nhlanhla Dube is on leave. In the absence of the CEO, Ronald Moyo (our media and communications officer) shall be acting CEO.

“We hope our members, fans, sponsors and partners will find this as a normal organisational governance procedure,’’ read the statement signed by the Highlanders chairman.

The duration of Dube’s leave was not stated with sources claiming he will be away until the end of the year.

While the Bosso chairman insists that all was well with the CEO what would appear a well-deserved break, the move might actually expose administration flaws at the club. How employees accumulated so much leave days during the Covid-19 era when most workers in the country were sent home with only essential personnel allowed to go to work.

All is pointing to Dube’s exit as the Highlanders head of secretariat, with the move to force him to go on leave meant clean the club offices.

Dube has been Highlanders CEO since May 2017 and has since 2019 when his contract expired been a source of division at Bosso. In May 2019, Highlanders suspended vice chairman Modern Ngwenya together with the then secretary Israel Moyo after the two voted against adopting recommendations from the club’s human resources committee to extend the CEO’s contract to the end of that year. Dube’s contract had expired at the end of April 2019.

Ngwenya and Moyo were eventually expelled from the club after a full hearing but appealed that decision and returned to their positions a few months later.

His contract has been getting periodic renewals since then, with all the extensions coming under the chairmanship of former executive committee chairperson, Kenneth Mhlophe.

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