Highlanders meet Plumtree chapter

27 Sep, 2020 - 00:09 0 Views
Highlanders meet Plumtree chapter Nhlanhla Dube

The Sunday News

Mehluli Sibanda, Senior Sports Reporter
HIGHLANDERS yesterday met its Plumtree chapter where the club received a cash donation while they also managed to sell some of the club merchandise.

Bosso chief executive officer Nhlanhla Dube, team manager Vezigama Dlodlo and media officer Ronald Moyo spent the day with their club members and supporters based in the border town. The Highlanders officials took with them some of the club’s available products, the limited-edition leather bags, cups and masks. While some of the members bought most of the items, Jabulani Mangwana Tshuma, son of the late former Highlanders chairman Colonel James Mangwana Tshuma was the only one who parted ways with US$250 for the limited-edition leather bag.

“We spent some time with our members and supporters in Plumtree, they contributed something financially to the club, we went there with three products, limited edition bags, masks and cups. Jabulani Mangwana Tshuma bought a limited-edition Highlanders leather bag, we have pushed a number of limited-edition leather bags,’’ Moyo said.

He described the interaction as fruitful as the members and supporters gave their views on how best they think the club could tap into its huge support base countrywide.

“It was a good engagement where we managed to get ideas from the fans on the ground which for us is the biggest currency to hear ideas from members and fans. It was a fruitful engagement that we hope in future we will reflect that some of the things we are doing are as a result of what we discussed in Plumtree. We are not just doing it to Plumtree, we will also be also initiating visits to other chapters to exhibit our products,’’ he said.

Highlanders have chapters dotted around the country and even outside like in South Africa, Canada, United Kingdom. These chapters from time to time assist the club with financial and material resources.

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