Hosting the Presence of God

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Hosting the Presence of God

The Sunday News

Greetings beloved nation in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

In this season that we are living in, it is a season where men and women must seek the presence of God.

Mind you the presence of God is not for preachers only, but it is for God’s people. The presence of God has been neglected by the church of the living God. We have been seeking a lot of things from God and it looks like as we are seeking those things the journey is endless. Some people are disappointed with God, some stressed, some asking a lot of questions. Why are our prayers not answered? It is because the things that we are looking for from God can be accessed as we walk in the presence of God. Mind you, you can go to church, but still be without the presence of God.

You can serve as an Elder, Deacon, Pastor, Apostle, Prophet for many years and when you look at your life, you will be surrounded by certain frustrations and disappointment in life from thinking that when you are serving in the house of God, you can buy the favour of God.

Ladies and Gentlemen for us to see possibilities in the area of our lives, for us to walk in the favour of God and men there is an ingredient that we have ignored for many years which is called the presence of God. That is the ingredient that can bring a lifting in a man`s life, in the church, in your business and in any other things that you are doing. It is able to bring a supernatural elevation in people`s lives if we allow it to rest upon our lives. One of the painful things that is very evident in many Christian brothers and sisters is that there is a lot of struggle in many area of our lives, it may be work, school, business, church. It looks like there is a circle of repeated misfortunes.

There is one thing that I have discovered in the word of God that made our forefathers of faith prosperous in their life, despite their backgrounds they were feared by kings and nations, not because they were giants but because they were carrying the presence of God. This presence can be attracted to us as we seek God with all our hearts. Jeremiah 29:13 says, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart”. David says in the book of Psalm 51:11, “Cast me not away from your presence and take not away your Holy Spirit in me”. This was David`s prayer. Why is David crying for the presence of God? He was not crying for his kingship.

He didn’t say God do not take away your kingship in me. But he is crying for the presence. He is a man that valued so much the presence of God more than his gifting. A lot of men and women of God have valued their churches, their businesses, their preaching more than the presence of God. Let me tell you something, in his presence there is everything that we need, things that we are seeking every day.

But as we allow the presence of God in our lives you will discover that our journey of pursuing things will be shorter and easy because of his presence. In the book of 1st Samuel 18:12 it says, “Saul was afraid of David, because the Lord was with David but had left Saul”. There is something that is amazing here, we see King Saul being afraid of David because God was with David. This is very amazing. David is a young man, he had no troops, he was not even carrying a bow and arrow but we hear that the king feared him. Why? Because of the presence of God that was upon David.

Ladies and Gentlemen, when you begin to carry the presence of God, principalities and powers, demons, men or women will begin to fear you. Why? Because of his presence.

We have heard a lot of people in this world telling us that if you are not connected you will not get a job, you cannot be enrolled in university or college or even get a tender because you are not connected to anyone or to someone who will connect you to a higher authority. But I have got good news, the bible tells us about the rod of Aaron that was placed inside the ark of God which represents the presence of God. The bible says it budded.

The law of the nature tells us that it is only that which is planted on the ground that can bud, that can be either bear fruit or blossom. But here is the rod of Aaron, it was not planted anywhere but placed in the presence of God and the rod started to blossom.

Why? Because of his presence. In his presence there is nothing that can resist your upliftment, promotion, growth of your ministry, personal growth or your extension. You may not be connected to anyone for your tender, business, enrolment, we must cry for the presence of God. It is the one that will cause people to look for you, favour you and bless you.

One day in the book of Mark when Jesus was praying the bible says the disciples said to Jesus ‘all men’, you must underline the word all, ‘all men seeketh thee’, meaning that Jesus was being chased after by all men. It’s talking about all classes that were after Jesus.

There are people, or business people or pastors being seeked by certain people not all. May we seek the presence of God, that it will cause all men to bless us or favour us. In John 8:29 it says, “The one who sent me is with me, he has not left me alone”.

We see that Jesus’ heavenly father was with him. That’s why his life was a mysterious life  because his father was with him. Once again I would like to invite you to receive Jesus as your personal Lord and saviour, by believing in your heart and confessing with your mouth that Jesus is your Lord and saviour, and you shall be saved.

May God bless you all and this beautiful nation Zimbabwe. Amen

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