Hundreds expected for Tour de Falcon 2019

15 Sep, 2019 - 00:09 0 Views
Hundreds expected for Tour de Falcon 2019 Raquel Fouche

The Sunday News

Mehluli Sibanda, Senior Sports Reporter 

HUNDREDS are expected to take part in the various races on offer at this year’s edition of Tour de Falcon today. 

While Tour de Falcon was for years a cycling event, running races have been introduced with the Half Marathon being the major attraction. 

Falcon College headmaster Reginald Querl described Tour de Falcon as an event that caters for the whole family. 

“The Tour de Falcon has become a traditional and major cycling event on the Zimbabwe cycling calendar. The event has always been about competition, but is family oriented and is a lot about having an ‘outing in the country’. It’s off road and on road,’’ Querl said. 

Professional as well amateur cyclists are all accommodated at Tour de Falcon where the cycling starts in Bulawayo and concludes at Falcon College in Esigodini. 

“It’s an event that caters for the elite cyclist but also that person cycling as a form of exercise and recreation.”

Information provided by Raquel Fouche, the Falcon College marketing manager indicates that over 120 cyclists registered while around 130 athletes are running in the various races around Falcon College. According to Fouche, the participants are coming from Bulawayo, Gweru, Harare and Botswana. 

“This week has been wonderful with the Bulawayo community coming in and registering. We have seen athletes from Harare, Gweru and even Botswana signing up. I am looking forward to Sunday and watching the community come together under sports,’’ Fouche said. 

Main sponsors for Tour de Falcon are Fawcett Security, Castrol, Falcon Old Boys Society and Fazak Power. 

Falcon College headmaster Reginald Querl taking part in Tour de Falcon

A number of non-monetary prizes are in store for both the cyclists and athletes. Some of the accolades are miniature fridges, accommodation at lodges and vouchers. 

Youngsters under the age of 14 are not left out of the action as they can participate in the KidzCan colour run race that will be held around Falcon College with all proceeds from this going to KidzCan, which is a cancer relief organisation for children. 


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