Hwange hit by malaria outbreak

09 Mar, 2023 - 13:03 0 Views
Hwange hit by malaria outbreak

The Sunday News

Fairness Moyana, Online Reporter

HWANGE district has been hit by a malaria outbreak with over 600 cases having been recorded in two wards so far.

Speaking during an emergency District Civil Protection Committee meeting on Thursday, Hwange District Medical Officer, Dr Fungai Musinami said although no deaths had been recorded yet, the hospital was fast running out of admission space.

“This meeting has been convened to bring to your attention the need for collaborative efforts in managing the recent outbreak of malaria in Change (Lukosi) and Kamativi wards. Lukosi area has recorded 634 cases of which 548 are uncomplicated with 86 being complicated. Kamativi has 21 cases with eight of them being complicated,” said Dr Musinami.

Complicated malaria refers to the severity of the disease which requires admission. She said the biggest challenge brought on by the outbreak was managing the numbers requiring treatment and admission.

“The situation is dire, our capacity to admit and treat them is compromised due to limitations in bedding at Lukosi hospital. Our second challenge is that when admitted, the patients will need to be fed and the hospital budget is only catering for the maternity ward.”

Dr Musinami said in the interim she was proposing moving admissions to Five Miles hospital.

“We already have an Opportunistic Infection clinic at Five Miles and we are going to juggle around in terms of staffing. We want to try and avoid a situation where this affects the maternity side.  We are also going to need patient supplies such as detergents.”

As part of further managing the outbreak, the Ministry of Health will conduct indoor residue spraying, a control measure meant to target the vector or source of infection. Spraying will begin in Change and Nekabandama wards on Monday following delivery of chemicals.

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