Intense Aerobic Marathon at Zonkizizwe Shopping Centre

14 Feb, 2020 - 14:02 0 Views
Intense Aerobic Marathon at Zonkizizwe Shopping Centre Nathan Greenland

The Sunday News

Mehluli Sibanda, Senior Sports Reporter

FITNESS enthusiasts in Bulawayo are in for a treat when Alpha Mineral Water, in conjunction with Food Lover’s Market as well as Body Works Gym hold the inaugural Intense Aerobic Marathon at Zonkizizwe Shopping Centre in Bradfield on Saturday.

Eight aerobics instructors, all from Body Works Gym will take the fitness lovers through the vigorous workout that is scheduled to last for two hours at the shopping centre’s car park.

Alpha Mineral Water are the sponsors of this event and have partnered with Body Works Gym together with Food Lover’s Market for what promises to be an exciting day for those devoted to living healthy lifestyles.

Gregory Andrews, the Alpha Mineral Water director said the idea of the intense aerobic marathon was to bring together the Bulawayo community and provide the city’s residents with the much-needed entertainment.

“We are targeting the housewives and husbands to come together, bring some entertainment to Bulawayo. It is for free, there is no charge, we want people to come through and have fun. We will be checking blood pressure and sugar levels, advice will also be given on diet,’’ Andrews said.

Body Works Gym director Nathan Greenland said they were delighted to be in partnership with Alpha Mineral Water and Food Lover’s Market for the event which is open to all members of the public.

“Body Works Gym are happy to be partnering with Alpha Mineral Water and Food Lover’s Market, we going to be holding a free for all event, we are staring at 10am. Our trainers will be taking the people through the different aerobic sessions,’’ Greenland said.

Seeing that this is the first time they are holding such an event outside Food Lover’s Market, Greenland hopes the turnout will be good.

“This is the one of first that we are having at Food Lover’s Market and we hope that people come and support. I know we are going to have most of our Body Works Gym members, our enthusiasts, they just enjoy the outdoor activities. We are just trying to help the community, trying to emphasise that people need to get exercising, eat clean and healthy,’’ he said.

There are prizes to be won, these being in the form of complimentary gym membership, cases of water and food vouchers.

It certainly promises to a fun filled two hours with those in attendance to benefit from the entertainment and also staying fit.



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