Jesi officially an Al Hilal player

25 Sep, 2020 - 03:09 0 Views
Jesi officially an Al Hilal player Last Jesi admires his number 19 shirt

The Sunday News

Mehluli Sibanda, Senior Sports Reporter

LAST Jesi is officially an Al Hilal player after the Zimbabwean midfielder signed a three year contract with the Sudanese giants on Thursday.

Al Hilal confirmed that Jesi was officially their player, with the Zimbabwean lad paraded in front of the media after signing his contract.

Last Jesi at contract signing ceremony

Jesi, on loan at Zimbabwean champions FC Platinum from Manica Diamonds since the start of the year has been in Sudan since last week and after days of waiting, he finally signed his contract on Thursday. He travelled to Sudan with his agent George Deda, Silas Songani and former Zimbabwe international, Edward Sadomba, a former Al Hilal player.

According to Deda, Jesi’s three year contract comes with a secure two bed roomed furnished apartment overlooking the White Nile and Blue Nile River in one of Khartoum’s up market suburbs where all the bills are taken care of by his club.

Last Jesi with his agent George Deda after signing for Al Hilal

“Jesi has just signed a three year deal with the following conditions:  two bedroom furnished apartment overlooking the Blue Nile and White Nile River in Khartoum’s most affluent suburb with 24-hour security on his residence and all utilities paid,’’ Deda said.

Manica Diamonds are getting their transfer fee in advance, with the Mutare based club to receive 10 percent if the player is sold in future by Al Hilal. According to Deda, Jesi’s salary can actually pay salaries for a number of local teams.

“Manica receiving their fees in cash advance retaining 10% sale on, Use of a latest Hyundai Elantra  car,  A cash sign on fee…..private and confidential,  a salary that can take care of 5/10 football clubs in Zimbabwe,’’ said Deda.

Last Jesi in Al Hilal colours

Jesi played three matches for FC Platinum in the Confederation of African Football Champions League group stage. One of those fixtures was against the Sudanese giants, who defeated the three-times in a row Zimbabwean champions 1-0 at Barbourfields Stadium in January. It seems the 25-year old midfielder attracted interest from Al Hilal in that match at Emagumeni, with Manica Diamond chairman, Masimba Chihowa recently stating that the two clubs started talking about the player’s transfer last month, with the deal concluded in early September.


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