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We already know that Stonehenge was built on the summer-winter solstice axis. In some way we have come to appreciate why that was so. It all boils down to maximisation of energy which is critically important for deriving potency, energy and power which are facilitatory and enhancing conditions for the efficacy of rituals.

This is a consideration that brings and links together movements of cosmic bodies, in particular the most influential of them, the sun. Movement and different positioning in relation to Stonehenge resulted in varying energy content at different times of the year. Arriving at maximum energy content implied tracking and monitoring solar movement.

Hence Stonehenge played a role as some kind of astronomical calendar. At the same time, it was some calculator of astronomical alignment resulting in lunar and solar eclipses.

The knowledge about these pertained to perceptions about associated diminishing or increasing energy on the said days. Once again, we are back to energy and its variation on different days of the year based on estimated alignment of the moving cosmic bodies. It is their movement which, in the final analysis, creates varying energy levels at different times.

This should not at all sound strange and unique. Africa still does this. Lunar movement is tracked and all steps are taken to know when the new moon will appear in the western sky. That phenomenon is equivalent to the equinoxes.

From the appearance of the new moon there is waxing of the moon which should be seen as progressively increasing in energy level to the day of maximum level-the full moon.

The full moon, as the equivalent of the summer solstice, has to be identified, not just for observation’s sake but for appropriate individuals to spring into action and hold rituals which depended, for their efficacious success, on availability of energy. Rituals ought to be understood in that context, as being performed for the wellbeing and good of community members.

The siting of the megalithic structures such as Stonehenge also depended for energy on the geological attributes of the site. Lithology and geology vary from place to place on earth. We did refer in previous articles to ley lines whose crossing results in energy concentration at prescribed places. Energy vortices, hubs and networks are the results and these decide the location and siting of places for ritual performance. Sites were carefully chosen ion the basis of available energy on the chosen site.

Thus we see two levels where there is alignment, initially independently and then collaboratively to end up with the crossing points between the two — the result of which is location and timing of period of maximum energy. What the ancients seem to have been doing was to create and build architectural structures to tap into these locales and temporal sites the result of which was availability of maximum energy over the calculated or predicted grids. In a nutshell, we are saying the ancients related and co-ordinated nature and culture. Within the resulting defined spaces rituals were conducted.

It is also important to relate the sites to the mental state. It was not just every Tom Dick and Harry who conducted the rituals. That was the preserve of individuals that were already endowed with spirituality. They were what may be termed priests in some cases or shamans in others. Their content of spirituality varied under different cultural and natural conditions. Some conditions were manipulated metaphysically to either enhance or diminish their energy content.

There is thus energy content which is natural and independent of man. These emanate from cosmic and terrestrial attributes which man has no control or influence over. Man, with his lived experiences, identifies these natural sites and on them builds cultural monuments which are in line with the natural ones. Beyond this, the minds of individual priests or shamans have to be in sync with what pertains as a result of coordinated natural and cultural attributes.

Correct rituals, conducted correctly, on correct sites during correct times will increase the life essence that is stored within a site on the basis of energy resulting from cosmic alignments and terrestrial alignments resulting from geological attributes.

Such a site stimulates and intensifies mind power during rituals. It works like meditation. It is harnessed power that may result in physical movements. The energy in question may be electro-magnetic or any other for that matter.

Energy facilitates and produces physical outcomes while it is intangible in form or quality

Before we deal with what is probably happening at Stonehenge in terms of alignments, axes, energy and summer-winter solstices, it is important that we identify the cultural structures that were created and constructed to tap into natural potency. Be that as it may, we have to appreciate that what we consider as cultural intervention is actually reliant on natural potential or attributes.

For example, stones are used. The stones are arranged naturally, for example through the use of designs that are circular. We are thus back to nature. All that is different now is the agency. In primary nature man is not the agency. Some will say it’s the work of God. When it comes to creation of cultural creations, man’s intellect and hand is visible, and yet even these are natural

We start with manhirs which are stone pillars stuck into the ground. Such pillars may be found in isolation or in clusters. They may range between 3 to 20 metres in height. The largest stones may be as heavy as 300 tons. Such stones are thought to serve as temples for ritual offerings. Man has always wanted, from time immemorial, to reckon time for various purposes such as agricultural activities and the holding of associated rituals. The stone pillars were thus erected as astronomical clocks for the ancients.

Further, such stone pillars are thought to vibrate. Their oscillations may reach 2,8 Hertz and are enhanced at sunrise and also at sunset. Physics should help us see the changes that take place when temperatures vary. There is expansion when temperatures increase and contraction when they drop. These physical phenomena are generators of sound, a form of energy. Such sounds are detectable at Stonehenge.

There are stones that are arranged in yet another manner which are called dolmens. Usually, these are associated with burials of the social elites. From previous articles we should be in a position to understand such stone arrangements as constituting sources of spirituality. In these stone structures, actually tombs, there are cremated bones but sometimes placed in them through inhumation.

Such dolmens may resonate, which is to say they relay information through generated sound waves. Such stone structures were used as altars. This makes sense as offerings, libations and sacrifices are made to the spirits of the dear departed. Essentially, therefore, we would expect dolmens to be sites of worship or propitiation.

Dolmens were residences of senior spirits. The worship in question is particularly of the Sun which is a major source of energy that is tapped into during rituals. In the absence of the Sun, life is unimaginable. This is to say without energy, there is no life.

The summer solstice is an example of the time of year when the day is longest and theoretically the day of maximum energy. Full moon too is indirectly related to the sun as the moon reflects energy from the sun. That reflected energy is at its zenith at full moon. When the Ndebele rose against the colonists in 1896 they knew the meaning and significance of a full moon in energy terms.

The worship of the Sun was common, for example in Egypt there was the worship of Ra, the God of the Sun. What in essence was being worshipped was energy, via the Sun its source. Dolmens were created as places of unusual energy.

Their design was responsible for the energy generation: two vertical stones with one horizontal one connecting them. Besides, the said stones resonate and, on that account, transmit information.

Megalithic structures are thus like stone books of ancient civilizations in which information of the earth, the solar system and the universe is encrypted. Sadly, it is not always the case that knowledge of the times past is transmitted to the present. Enylogy refers to untransmitted knowledge, i.e. knowledge for the process of energy information transfer in the universe.

Stonehenge ought to be understood as some cromlech consisting of menhirs forming one or concentric circles. At the centre is another stone or dolmen. Such cromlechs were used for the worship of Nature’s spirits. Stonehenge was thus a composite monument embracing all the three stone orientations. From individual knowledge of each, we are able to decipher the purposes of the complex stone circles whose design and creation encapsulated Architecture, Astronomy, Mathematics and Geology.

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