Justice Bere fired

15 Oct, 2020 - 16:10 0 Views
Justice Bere fired Justice Bere

The Sunday News

Vusumuzi Dube, Senior Reporter

PRESIDENT Mnangagwa, on Thursday, endorsed an independent tribunal’s recommendations to have Supreme Court Judge Justice Francis Bere removed from office for gross misconduct.

The three-member tribunal was appointed by the President on the recommendation of the Judicial Service Commission after Harare lawyer Mr Itayi Ndudzo, accused Justice Bere of interference in a civil case involving the Zimbabwe National Road Administration and his relatives.

In a statement, Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Dr Misheck Sibanda said the President had endorsed the tribunal’s recommendations, removing Justice Bere in terms of Section 187 (8) of the country’s constitution.

“The tribunal has completed its investigations and has recommended that honourable Justice Francis Bere be removed from office for acts of gross misconduct.

“His Excellency, the President, accordingly, acting in terms of Section 187 (8) of the constitution, has removed the honourable Judge from office with immediate effect,” reads the statement.

Justice Bere allegedly telephoned Mr Ndudzo, who was representing Zinara, asking him to consider settling a civil dispute pitting Zinara against Fremus Enterprises.

Justice Bere was serving on both the Constitutional Court and Supreme Court benches when he was suspended in March this year.

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