Kwekwe to demolish Mbizo 7

22 Sep, 2019 - 00:09 0 Views
Kwekwe to demolish Mbizo 7

The Sunday News

Michael Magoronga, Midlands Correspondent 

KWEKWE City Council is set to channel the $1 million it received from the Government under the Devolution Fund to upgrade  housing units as it seeks to improve living conditions of residents, an official has said.

The local authority which was allocated a total of $4 million by Government for devolution, has so far received a total of $1 million in batches. 

Acting Town Clerk Dr Lucia Mnkandla has said the money would be channelled towards three major projects.

 “As a council, we are putting the social housing at the forefront. We are saying our ratepayers need decent accommodation and hence we are going to demolish a number of housing units in Mbizo 7 which we will replace by building new ones,” she said.

Dr Mnkandla said the project was already underway and two housing units have been destroyed.

“We have 10 new houses that we will build in Mbizo 22 before we embark on the upgrading process,” said Dr Mnkandla.

She also said as part of council’s move to adopt pro-poor policies, it will also upgrade a disused flea market and turn it into a mini mall as well as erect a state-of-the-art vendors’ market.

“We have a disused flea market near Prince Park. Currently people are shunning it due to various reasons. But we are saying this is a sleeping giant. Our plan is to upgrade it into a mini shopping mall where people will rent at affordable prices,” she said.

She said the land for a vendors market was already available.

“We have a huge space near the long distance bus terminus. We intend to empower the marginalised by giving them a platform to earn livelihoods. In line with our pro poor policies, we are saying people should feel the love at home and at work so we seek to modernise their place of work as well as their homes.”

She hailed the Government for disbursing the funds saying it would go a long way in alleviating poor standards of living.

“We are pushing towards Local Economic Development. As local authorities we can always encourage active participation by the marginalised in an economic devolved state,” she said.

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