LATEST: ED to expose land barons

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LATEST: ED to expose land barons FROM the very day President Mnangagwa ascended to the top job in the country, he has always preached peace, tolerance, reconciliation and putting Zimbabwe first. The President has declared that economic rejuvenation will take precedence in every forum, and highlighted that in order for the country to revive its economy, it has to re-engage with the international community and attract foreign investment, and at the same time luring Zimbabweans in the diaspora to invest back home. He went on to walk the talk and laid the ground for free and fair elections, and also invited election observers from all parts of the world. He said the country had nothing to hide, and has not moved an inch on his call for peace. We therefore urge all Zimbabweans to join President Mnangagwa in this important walk for peace. We call upon all Zimbabweans to join the President in singing this beautiful song calling for peace. And we reiterate, events that took place at White City Stadium last Saturday where an explosive was used to attack the President and Government as well as Zanu-PF leadership, leading to the death of two people in hospital and injury to about 49 people, are regrettable and have no place in a modern and civilised society. Nonetheless, the events did not change the mindset of the President and his Government, as he has continued to call for peace, even at a time when his life was clearly targeted, something which shows his character as a leader, peace lover and nation builder. And last week, all 23 presidential contestants in the July 30 harmonised elections signed a high-level peace pledge committing themselves and their political parties to a peaceful campaign ahead of the polls. A few presidential candidates were represented by senior party members at the signing ceremony. The pledge — the first in the history of elections in Zimbabwe — is in line with President Mnangagwa’s repeated calls for free, fair, peaceful and credible elections. The high-level event was organised by the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC). Addressing presidential candidates at the signing ceremony, NPRC chairman Retired Justice Selo Nare said it was incumbent upon all Zimbabweans to work together for the development of the country. “Today marks an important step in our nation as all of us come together to collaborate in our efforts to contribute to sustainable peace and development. Peaceful elections are a key ingredient for long-term peace and development in the country and the NPRC has a key role to play in contributing towards this goal. Let us work together for social cohesion and nation building. It is our responsibility as Zimbabweans to create a social compact for the future.” Zanu-PF secretary for Administration Cde Obert Mpofu, who signed the peace pledge on behalf of President Mnangagwa, said: “We subscribe to a clarion call for peace by our President Cde ED Mnangagwa and the late Vice-President Dr John Nkomo that “peace begins with you, peace begins with me, peace begins with all of us”. President Mnangagwa

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Harare Bureau

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa will name and shame land barons and multiple farm owners when the Commission of Inquiry into sale of urban and rural land completes its report.

Responding to issues raised by war veterans at a meeting he had with them at City Sports Centre in Harare on Friday, President Mnangagwa said land barons’ days were numbered.

War veterans from Bulawayo Province had raised complaints about officials involved in the illegal sale of State land.

The Head of State and Government said the Commission of Inquiry into sale of urban and rural State land was finalising its report.

The seven-member commission is chaired by Justice Tendai Uchena; and includes Mr Andrew Mlalazi, Mr Stephen Chakaipa, Dr Tarisai Mutangi, Dr Heather Chingono, Ms Vimbai Nyemba and Ms Petronella Musarurwa. The Secretary for Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Mrs Virginia Mabiza, is the commission’s secretary.

President Mnangangwa said, “Vachema zve nemaland barons, tine Commission of Inquiry into urban and rural land barons which will submit its report soon and so many of our people, you will be surprised kana ndozo publisher vanhu vakaita zvema land barons, vamwe tinavo muno.”

He said the commission was also investigating multiple farm ownership.

There are reports that former President Mr Robert Mugabe and his family own around 20 farms.

“Multiple farm ownership by family one chete, zvese izvozvo it’s being looked into by the land commission,” said President Mnangagwa.

In response to war veterans from Mashonaland East, he said Government would descend on lands officers who were demanding bribes to assist people to get farms.

President Mnangagwa condemned illegal farm evictions in Matabeleland North.

The President, who is on an anti-graft crusade, warned those engaging in illegal activities at Beitbridge Border Post that the net was closing in on them.

He added: “Zvichemo zvenyu pane vanga vachizvinyora pasi. Asi pambotaurwa naVice-President Cde (Constantino) Chiwenga vabata zvimwe vachikuudzai zvimwe zvatagadzira kana zviripakati pekugadzirwa.

“Province by province mataura zvichemo zvenyu, zvimwe zvakafanana asi ndoziva kuti machiarman mamwe vanga vachisiya vachiziva kuti zvichemo zvavo zvanga zvataurwa navamwe.

“Kwatanga vokuBulawayo, hanzi pamakore 38, vazhinji vedu maCdes, tirikungofa tirivarombo. Isu tiripo tafunga kuti dai mati tarira kuti tiwane health care, tazvitambira izvozvo.

“Zvakare vanoda mainputs akanangana nemawar veterans, tazvinyora. So we need a structure to effect that.

“Vakati ahh muparty medu umu, vane mari ndovanohwina. Hapasi pose pose panoshandiswa mari, hongu ndinonzwa mareports but havasi vese vakahwina vachishandisa mari.

“VokuHarare, hanzi $260 allowance yatinopihwa ishoma, ngaitutsirwe, ndofunga Vice-President vataura kuti chii chirikuitika. The current, new dispensation unotoita kutsvaka kuti asiri war veteran ndeupi, saka hatingakunganwi nokuti tiri vanhu vamwe. On imposition of candidates, please no to imposition. Please report.”

President Mnangagwa said he would soon meet youths and students, followed by countrywide meetings with the people.


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