LATEST: Sanganai-Hlanganani to stay in Byo

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LATEST: Sanganai-Hlanganani to stay in Byo

The Sunday News


Dumisani Nsingo, Senior Business Reporter

THE Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) says the annual premier international tourism exhibition, Sanganai-Hlanganani World Tourism Expo will continue to be held in Bulawayo until the city’s tourism has recovered.

Addressing journalists and delegates at a press conference in Bulawayo on Wednesday, ZTA chief executive officer Dr Karikoga Kaseke said Bulawayo’s tourism has suffered over the years hence the expo was a deliberate attempt to revive the sector.

“It’s most likely that Sanganai will remain in Bulawayo for a very long time. As far as I am concerned, until we are very much satisfied that the tourism economy of Bulawayo is equal to that of the Victoria Falls,” he said.

“The tourism here was once upon a time, very vibrant and what happened over the last 20 years or so affected the tourism industry of this city…the level of the impact is not comparable to what happened to other cities. So we want to restore tourism legacy here,” he said.

The 11th edition of Sanganai-Hlanganani-World Toursim Expo which started today attracted 23 countries and 77 foreign companies with 150 buyers having arrived in the country.

A number of events have been lined up for the expo which will end on Saturday at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) Exhibition Centre.

The fair is the successor of Shanyai/Vakatshani, the Zimbabwe International Travel Expo (ZITE) that was held annually at the Harare International Conference Centre.

ZITE started as a small expo in 1982 and grew over the years to become one of Africa’s leading tourism showcases by 2007

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