Legal battles loom over Doek and Slay copyrights

18 Feb, 2024 - 00:02 0 Views
Legal battles loom over Doek and Slay copyrights

The Sunday News

 Sandisiwe Gumbo, Sunday Life Reporter 

THE management team behind the popular Doek and Slay has expressed concern over individuals using the name for their brand. 

The Doek and Slay Management has stated that they were in the process of seeking legal advice from their lawyers to send cease-and-desist notices to individuals who have copied their name, concept, and programming. 

“The name ‘Doek and Slay’ is trademarked and registered under local and international Intellectual Property laws. We are in the process of seeking legal advice from our lawyers for us to find a way to send a cease-and-desist to these particular individuals. We note with great concern as it has taken us a long time for us to build our brand only for someone to copy, paste and steal our name, concept and programming and claim it to be their own ,” read the statement from Doek and Slay Management.

The management emphasised that if an event is not posted on their official social media pages, it is not associated with them in any way. They expressed their disappointment in seeing their brand being copied and claimed by other players. The management has highlighted that they have no connection with the Doek and Slay event that is being planned in the United Kingdom. 

 “We would like to specifically state that the Doek and Slay event being planned in the UK has nothing to do with us, nothing has been communicated to us, and we are not associated with it in any way.” 

The situation has also brought to light similar events with names resembling Doek and Slay, such as Doek and Jeans, Shorts and Slay and Doek Affair.  However, the organisers of other events have clarified their independence from the “Doek and Slay” brand. The organiser of “Doek and Jeans” emphasized the distinctiveness and that the event has existed for a long time, as it has operated for four years. 

Doek and Slay

“I have nothing to do with the Doek and Slay brand. My team is on Doek and Jeans Zimbabwe in operation being Doek and Jeans festival,” stated entrepreneur Thabani Madhlayo, the organiser of Doek and Jeans.

 “Well the Doek and Slay team is trying to protect their brand and I think I know the UK guys who are using the name. I am however, not associated with the Doek and Slay team. I do not even know who is behind it. Doek and Jeans has always existed, it is in its fourth year now,” Madhlayo added. 

The organiser of “Shorts and Slay” highlighted the differences in their concepts.

 “Our event is more different from Doek and Slay. We are Shorts and Slay and we allow both genders,” stated Tawanda  Muchechete, the organiser of Shorts and Slay and also the manager at Mguza Yucht Club. 

“We might have used Slay but it is different from Doek and Slay. We never used the Doek name, it’s easy for people to see that this is Mguza hosting and this is Doek and Slay with the type of event and make up.” 

Doek and Slay Management has however, expressed their gratitude for the support they have received so far. 

“We appreciate your support thus far, and we would really love to continue growing and flourishing with you. We remain steadfast in trying to protect and learn and improve the brand you have grown to love this past year. We are eternally grateful for your continued loyalty and support.”

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