Letters to the Editor: HIV, Aids are real threats

01 Dec, 2019 - 00:12 0 Views
Letters to the Editor: HIV, Aids are real threats The Ministry of Health said it was concerned why women register late at health institutions while exposing their unborn babies to HIV infection.

The Sunday News

Eddious Masundire Shumba

I WAS shocked recently when I visited Great Britain to find out that some of our fellow Zimbabweans who live in that country behave as if they don’t know that Aids and HIV has no cure. 

People should not forget the fact that up to now the cure for HIV, Aids has not been found. 

I have always heard disturbing stories that some people change their good behaviour the moment they cross the border but I never expected them to go to that extent since we all have seen people who have died as a result of Aids. 

Each one of us has lost many relatives and also close friends due to HIV and Aids so we are all expected to behave decently but this is not what I saw when I visited London some three weeks ago. 

I was surprised to see some Zimbabwean women earning a living through prostitution and I even had the courage to ask them to tell me if what they were doing is good or not. 

Some of them admitted that it was not good but the situation in Britain was forcing them to behave in the manner they were behaving. 

They said the cost of living in London was very high compared to other cities in the world which include Harare and Bulawayo. 

I was even shocked to discover that some of them had husbands and children back home in Zimbabwe but were choosing to have some dangerous and unprotected sex with other Africans especially men from countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Senegal and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Once a Zimbabwean lands in the United Kingdom he or she will try by all means to find some ways of survival, whether good or bad. 

I saw many young girls visiting some pubs where they are being picked by different men including elderly men who are even older than their own fathers. 

Married women will forget that they are married and choose to live with Nigerian men only for the love of money. 

On the other hand, men also will look for very rich women from well known dangerous pubs where people don’t even care about the existence of HIV. 

People must not forget that they can get money by venturing into other businesses like buying and selling or even selling tomatoes and I have seen many people sending their children as far as University of Zimbabwe. 

I think as Zimbabweans it is better that way than for us as a country to be known as a nation with a very high rate of people dying from HIV. 

I hope to see a change of behaviour from now going forward because I even told them that I would educate others about what I saw in Britain.

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