Local musician collaborates with up-and-coming artistes

01 Feb, 2015 - 00:02 0 Views

The Sunday News

BULAWAYO-BASED and fast rising sungura musician — Callistus Tavengwa — has collaborated with several up-and-coming artistes within the city, to launch a seven- track gospel album at the end of this month.

Tavengwa told Sunday Leisure in an interview that the seven-track album was more of a mixed bag, comprising various musical genres that would appeal to everyone.

“This was done by combined artistes from Bulawayo. It took us about four months to compile the album,” he said.

The album was produced and mastered by Bulawayo’s own outstanding music producer — Joe Maseko — who has received many accolades for his talent.

The album is scheduled to be officially launched in April this year.

“The album will be launched in April this year, where we expect to hold a huge function. Each of the artistes possesses unique talents that we found intriguing and wanted to share the product with the people. We complemented each other and we realised there was more strength in team work,” said Tavengwa.

Questioned on how they planned to fight piracy, as many artistes depended on CD sales to make ends meet, Tavengwa said piracy was both a blessing and a curse, stating that without it they wouldn’t be known.

“We really can’t do anything about it. It is there and if people want your music they will definitely find a way of getting it, whether conventionally or unconventionally. In a way it is a blessing because it markets us, while at the same time we can’t really condone it.

“From the research we will carry out with regards to this album through sales and piracy, we will see whether it is wise for us to hold a show or shows around the country,” he said.

Tavengwa has three albums under his belt and has performed at various events. He has curtain raised for music producer and singer Dan Tshanda in 2013.

With a voice comparable to that of Leonard Zhakata, Tavengwa is a force worth reckoning in the industry, destined for stardom.

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