Local Nicki Minaj designer opens new label

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Local Nicki Minaj designer opens new label Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

 Bruce Ndlovu
Renowned for her work with such American superstars as rapper Nicki Minaj and singer Beyonce, Zimbabwean fashion designer Farai Simoyi is set to notch another  feather in her cap by launching a fashion line alongside a Bangladeshi designer.

Described by the esteemed fashion designer as “ready to wear” and “sustainably made”, the label made exclusively in Bangladesh will be launched today in Brooklyn, New York.

The new label is the result of collaboration between Simoyi and Bangladeshi-American fashion designer, Zia Sumi who she struck up an acquaintanceship with after a meeting at a store last year.

“Excited to host the launch event of a new ready-to-wear label that I’ve been working with since last year. Beautiful jumpsuits, embroidered dresses, blouses, culottes, and gingham prints to go ga-ga over!” she posted on her Instagram page.

Simoyi has come to be regarded as one of Africa’s foremost designers due to her work with some high profile celebrities in America.

Before her gig as Nicky Minaj’s chief designer while she has previously been the senior denim designer for House of Dereon, the clothing label by Beyonce Knowles and her mother, Tina Knowles.

The fashion designer, who last month gave birth, had to balance her work on the label and her duties as a first time mother.
Simoyi recently highlighted her struggles after giving birth.

“My days consist of sweatpants complemented with a nursing bra and $1,99 flip flops . . . getting a shower is Heaven on earth, poopy and wet diapers are the highlights of my day, when my little one gives me a smile my heart melts, and the fact that I managed to take this photo earlier today while he slept without even flinching is a miracle,” she said.

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