Madzibaba intervenes as goblin abuses daughters

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Madzibaba intervenes as goblin abuses daughters Madzibaba Mutumwa

The Sunday News

Danisa Masuku, Sunday News Correspondent
A troubled family of a Plumtree businessman opened a new chapter after muthi that turned into invisible beings and sexually feasted on the man’s daughters was unearthed and burnt.

The strange muthi was unearthed from underneath Takura Nyoni’s bedroom floor by Prophet Madzibaba Mutumwa of Johane Masowe Echishanu during a cleansing ceremony.

Telling the agitated crowd Signature, as Madzibaba Mutumwa is also known because of his spot on prophecies said: “The muthi turned into goblins which turned his daughters into sex objects, and due to that the children failed to get married, ”said Mutumwa.
Nyoni confirmed the spectacle.

“The muthi I had planted in my bedroom hut catapulted me to prosperous life. However, the unfortunate part is that after I started to use the muthi my daughters informed me and their mother that something was having sex with them during their sleep. But I never thought it was as a result of the muthi,” said Nyoni.

He apologised for his regrettable ways of amassing wealth.

“I would like to apologise to my daughters and family at large for this shameful chapter of life that I plunged them into. When I was given this muthi I was not told my daughters would be turned into sex objects,” he remorsefully said.

As a solution to the problems that were haunting the family Madzibaba Mutumwa and his team burnt the muthi. After a week the daughters started to experience a blissful life. One of the daughters Sihle Nyoni said she has opened a new chapter of life.

“For five years my boyfriend made empty promises about when to marry me but a week after that muthi was rooted out and burnt my boyfriend asked me to inform my aunt that he is certainly coming to pay bride price in April,” she said.

Some of the businessman’s daughters said they are now in world of peace and love.

“For the past five months after the goblins had sex with me I endured a hellish life as I experienced a continuous “flow” but it stopped after Madzibaba Mutumwa prayed for me,” she revealed.

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