Magnetic panty liners, pads help reduce menstruation worries

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The Sunday News

Robin Muchetu Senior Reporter
MENSTRUATION is an important part of every woman’s life and there is a need to ensure that sanitary wear is available and is of the best quality.
Innovative companies have now come up with magnetic sanitary pads and panty liners that have amazing effects — different from the usual products available locally.

The sanitary pad can also be used to purify water by placing the magnetic strip inside a container with water and can also heal among other things, piles, migraines, fevers and sore feet.

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Longrich products that are being distributed in Bulawayo by Mrs Faith Charumbira will change the lives of many women who have various gynaecological problems.

According to Mrs Charumbira, the pads have the ability to draw menstrual blood faster than usual from the system.
“The Longrich pad has a magnetic strip that is able to increase the flow of blood out of your organ than regular pads do, meaning that those women that usually menstruate for seven days will menstruate for less days which is good,” she said.

This also sees them using far more less sanitary pads than before as the Longrich pads have maximum absorbing ability than the ordinary pad.
“The Longrich pad can absorb up to 200 millilitres of blood which means that the absorbing properties are very high and you use less pads,” Mrs Charumbira said.

The negative anions in the sanitary pads move up the womb through the vagina improving blood circulation. This then discharges blood clots more smoothly.

It is every woman’s nightmare to have a leaking pad that will see her spoiling her clothes. The Longrich pad has various layers and an absorbing gel that ensures that menstrual flow does not leak.

“A woman’s private parts are very sensitive and they need to be clean and dry, with the Longrich pad it leaves you completely dry even after absorbing a maximum amount of blood. This also prevents bacteria from multiplying. You do not even feel the wetness like what the normal pad does,” Mrs Charumbira explained.

Both the pads and panty liners have the green magnetic strip that contains various properties that aid in various health problems.
Mrs Charumbira said the magnetic strip has anions which trap the unpleasant smell of menstrual blood so one smells fresh throughout the day. The panty liner is also good for those women who have body odour.

“Some women despite having bathed properly each day have a foul smell in their vaginal area which can be very uncomfortable, the anions in the panty liner absorb all that and you smell fresh all the time,” she said.

Another property is the Fra infrared that is present in the second layer of the sanitary wear aids in the relieving of menstrual discomforts such as dysmenorrheal (painful periods).

“The pad can dissolve fibroids over time and they will pass out of the body as blood clots and they reduce in size too. We have women who have approached us and testified after using our products that they had their fibroids reduced in size,” she said.

Any impurities that are found in the female reproductive system can be drawn out by the use of the panty liners, leaving the system clean.
While the regular panty liners are used by women alone, men can also use the magnetic panty liners too.

“They stick it on to their underwear where the organ rests and due to the magnetic strip it draws out any pus and fluids that are as a result of prostate cancer. They will actually see the discharge on the panty liner,” she said.

Charumbira said the magnetic strip has the ability to heal open wounds too by just sticking the magnetic strip on the wound it also draws out pus and heals the wound.

One can also stick a panty liner inside shoes and wear it for the day. This helps reduce stress, boosts blood circulation, enhances metabolism and strengthens the immune system among other things.

Asked on how she got to know about the Longrich products, Mrs Charumbira said she had spent over 18 years battling with problems of the womb.
“After my first child in 1995 I had constant womb problems and tried all sorts of medicines to no avail until last year when I went for an operation in South Africa and they could not find any problem or solution to the pain I had. One white lady introduced me to the products and my life changed,” she said.
She said she used the products and started seeing changes and now the pain is almost gone, motivating her to start selling the range in Zimbabwe.

“People usually believe in a product when they have used it and seen results and I did just that; I saw results and now I want to help other women who have similar problems,” she said.
However, medical experts are skeptical about this product. A local gynaecologist who refused to be named for professional reasons said people must always seek medical advice.

“As experts we believe if women have gynaecological problems they have to visit a doctor and get real advice about what to use and do. They also need to use certified pharmacy medications,” he said.
He said that some conditions were not treatable but their effects could be reduced such as fibroids.

“Fibroids cannot be cured as such, it’s either you have an operation to remove them or take some medication to reduce their effects but not cure them. So people have to be careful when dealing with some of these products,” he said.


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