Make this a Christmas to remember

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TIME flies! We have to say goodbye to 2014 as Christmas is upon us once again and it’s the best time to create family bonds. Unfortunately it is not the best time for the “side dish/small house” as you have to say bye to him “till after theholidays do us apart”.

It is the best time for families to enjoy each other’s company as work and business cannot be used as an excuse for late nights or out of town meetings. What better time than the holidays for you and your special someone to spend a little one on one time together? It is always nice for real couples to take some time out from wrapping gifts, hosting visitors and shopping to enjoy what the magical season really has to offer.

It really takes very little to bring some romance into your marriage, especially during the holidays. The warm colours and twinkling lights set up a perfect scenario for romantic memories so take advantage of those if you have already set up your Christmas tree. The holidays are not exactly the easiest time to make romance a priority, chances are you and your husband are spending more time running around dealing with seasonal stress than enjoying each other’s company. You probably have to prepare for your visitors and shop around for your children’s clothes and all that so making time for holiday romance is a bit far from your to do-list.

Not only will these holidays keep your marriage warm and healthy, but they will also teach your children and others that a person’s priority during the holidays is not getting gifts and attending activities, but loving one another and honouring Christ, who showed us the greatest love of all by spending quality time as family. When I was young, I liked to receive gifts and as we also know that everyone would be happy to receive gifts, especially unique gifts.

This Christmas try doing something different and take some time to enjoy some fun sing-a-long classics by attending a carol night I know for some people you think that only happens on TV but thank God I have seen some carol night adverts around our city so try it out. Indulge in the joy of the holiday season by taking in the holiday message of some of these Christmas favourites. A carol service will help to boost your festive spirit so flavour the magical atmosphere and let your goodwill shine this Christmas. Be sure to sing along to some of the more romantic carols as though they are directed at your date, and enjoy your night out, you can make it a date night for your family.

I know given our economic situation right now most people are planning a very good excuse for not doing something for their partners but you can bring back the vintage way of celebrating and it will work for you. Try and make a handmade Christmas card, and I must say I received a handmade birthday card a couple of weeks back and I loved it; it is the best gift ever, so a handmade Christmas card is not only funny and romantic but it is also a great way for the two of you to create a Holiday keepsake to cherish for many years to come. Get crafty or take a sweet Holiday photo together to share with your families to celebrate some of your holiday spirit. Do something this Christmas and make the best of your holiday, you could try and pick an evening where you know you don’t have events to go to or host, switch off your phones and go somewhere you have been dying to try or a favourite restaurant you have not been to in a while. An evening out will refresh you and help you get through the rest of the holiday season with renewed energy as you would have built memories for the year ahead.

To those that are single Christmas is for you too, so do not be gloomy, I know the holidays seem to amplify the cons of the single. If you were feeling empowered and independent before the holiday season rolled in, a few too many smiling pairs might be causing your outward to crack a bit because everywhere you turn to look there is a couple, family and all shopping or planning their Christmas. If this seems to be getting to you, do not worry, you are not alone. I know it’s amazing to have someone, but if you do not, I am also advocating that you embrace your single status this holiday season. It’s time to focus on other aspects of your life and stop stressing over when you will find that perfect person, so make the most of your holidays and enjoy family time, happy holidays. Let’s keep talking [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>.

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