Man assaults mum for hiding isitshwala in bedroom

19 Oct, 2014 - 00:10 0 Views

The Sunday News

Marvelous Moyo
A GWANDA man gave his mother a thorough beating, accusing her of hiding his isitshwala in her bedroom.
Bongani Nkomo (25) from Pompini Village pleaded guilty to assaulting his mother Lesina (60) when he appeared before Gwanda magistrate Ms Sheila Nazombe.
Nkomo told the court that he was angered by the fact that he failed to find his meal in the kitchen.

“Your Worship, I left my food in the kitchen and proceeded to the shops. When I returned I found my isitshwala missing. I then went to my parent’s bedroom hut and discovered that my mother had hidden it there. This angered me and I ended up assaulting my mother,” he said.

Ms Nazombe sentenced Nkomo to six months imprisonment and suspended two months for five years on condition that he does not commit a similar offence within that period.

After his arrest, Nkomo had pretended to be mentally ill trying to evade punishment by the law, but was exposed by two doctors who examined him and found that he was mentally stable.

Allegations by the State were that on 30 September at about 11.50pm, Nkomo arrived home from Nhwali Business Centre and confronted his parents as to why they had locked his bedroom.

Nkomo then became emotional and started throwing stones at his mother, hitting her legs.
Fearing for her life, she ran away and sought refuge at a bush where she spent the night and returned home in the morning.

On seeing that his mother had escaped, Nkomo assaulted his father whom he also hit with some stones.
A report was made to the police leading to his arrest. Ms Getrude Zvidzai represented the State.


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