Man struck by lightning in fields

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Man struck by lightning in fields

The Sunday News

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Whinsley Masara, Sunday News Reporter
A-30-year-old teacher from Binga died when he was struck by a bolt of lightning while working in the fields.

Lusyomo Muleya of Maneta Village, under Chief Sinakoma died on 24 December at around 3pm.

The teacher at Nsungwali Primary School in Binga was on holiday at his home.

Matabeleland North police spokesperson Inspector Siphiwe Makonese confirmed the incident, warning members of the public to be careful when it’s raining.

“We received a report of sudden death by lightning of a man who was working in the fields when it started raining. We advise members of the public to stay at home and be safe once clouds start gathering for rains to reduce chances of being struck by lightning,” she said.

The deceased’s father, Mr George Ndlovu, said Muleya left home for the fields at about 9am, with the intention of weeding the fields.

When Muleya did not return home until evening, Mr Ndlovu went out to look for him and upon arrival at the fields, he discovered his lifeless body.

“At around 3.30pm a heavy downpour ensued and there was thunder and lightning.

We suspect he was struck by that bolt of lightning which killed him instantly. He sustained serious burns all over the body and his clothes were also completely burnt,” said Mr Ndlovu.

Meanwhile, in another incident, a four-year-old drowned in a stream in Binga while bathing with a friend.

Archibald Fortune Munsaka, an ECD pupil at Manjolo Primary School, Siangwema Village, under Chief Binga drowned on Tuesday.

At around 4pm on Boxing Day, the boy went to a nearby stream to bath in the company of a three-year-old friend, Wayne Mwinde.

At around 6pm, the boy’s grandmother, Ms Elina Munkuli (59) decided to follow the two.

Ms Munkuli said: “As I came closer to the stream, I heard, Syoma Munkuli (15) screaming for help, saying there was child who had drowned.

Wayne was also crying as he had helplessly watched his friend drown.

“We alerted villagers who rushed to the scene and the body was retrieved. It is unfortunate kids always sneak away to streams and rivers yet it is dangerous. Children drown every now and then but because we can’t confine them to safer environs they tend to wander off.

“My grandchild has died a painful death and I really advise parents to frequently check on their children,” she said.

Police warned parents to always keep guard of their children, ensuring they stay away from water bodies. @winnie_masara

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