Mayihlome urges youths to join fight against crime

06 Jan, 2019 - 00:01 0 Views
Mayihlome urges youths to join fight against crime Retired Brigadier General Levi Mayihlome

The Sunday News

Belinda Moyo, Sunday News Reporter
UMZINGWANE Member of Parliament Retired Brigadier-General Levi Mayihlome has urged youths to join the community police force as a way of curbing crime and maintaining peace in the community.

Speaking during a Zanu-PF thank you celebration held for Umzingwane Ward One at Sigola yesterday, Rtd Brig-Gen Mayihlome said the community should consider practising police neighbourhood watch so as to aid the Zimbabwe Republic Police in eliminating crime in the area.

“I call upon youths to join the police neighbourhood watch committees, as Umzingwane we have had enough of crime in our communities, there are a lot of theft and murder cases happening. This calls upon us to unite and work hand in glove with the police who cannot possibly cover the whole of Umzingwane at one space of time because of their numbers. So I urge all youths to join the community police force,” he said.

The call by Rtd Brig-Gen Mayihlome follows reports that the communities were living in fear of attacks by gold panners who have gained notoriety through violent criminal activities, terrorising villagers, robbing them and killing cattle through pits they dig as they mine gold.

“I have seen a lot of talent and potential in our children which needs to be nurtured and this can only be done if we encourage them to take education seriously.

“There are children that we are paying fees for, I am currently paying for four children and as Umzingwane we have what we call Umzingwane Development Scholarship Fund that we are initiating and it is currently funding about five children at university level,” he said.

Hundreds of people attended the celebrations. Rtd Brig-Gen Mayihlome gave an update of the projects for the youths.

He handed over a walking stick to Chief Sigola as a token of appreciation and recognition.

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