Mbo Mahocs denies involvement with sugar daddies

22 Feb, 2015 - 05:02 0 Views

The Sunday News

Rebecca Nyathi Sunday Leisure Reporter
A LOCAL socialite, Mbonisi Mahonondo, has been caught up in a web of controversy with allegations she has been seen waltzing around with man old enough to be her grandfathers.

Mbo Mahocs, as she is popularly known in the streets of Bulawayo, has over the past couple of weeks been caught up in the eye of a storm with regards to her love life, which has seen her taking to the social media charging that there was an alleged plot to ruin her reputation.

The 27-year-old socialite who is known for her colourful skimpy attires has also been accused of dating another socialite, Mzobanzi “Mzoe 7” Mlauzi, while in a relationship with another man identified as Welshman Sibanda.

Sources say she has been driving cars that are not anywhere near her worth and assumptions are that she was dating sugar daddies that she was milking of their wealth.

She, however, came out guns blazing and rubbishing the love allegations. She posted on the social media, Facebook and Twitter saying she has nothing to do with sugar daddies.

“I have nothing to do with sugar daddies; I am what I am now because of hard work,” reads part of her post on Facebook.

In an interview with Sunday Leisure , Mahocs noted that what she posted on social networks was just an encouragement to other women who were facing problems in life and mostly those who were being looked down upon and accused of being involved with sugar daddies.

“I use my personal experience to encourage the next person who may be facing the same predicament. I know am not the first person to be accused of dating sugar daddies. Every woman who seems to be doing well in their lives is always tagged with the sugar daddy label. Her success is always assumed to have been possible because of a man in her life. This is so because we have a society that is still archaic in thinking. A society that does not believe in hard work but in men being behind every woman’s success,” she said.

Mahocs added that there were people who have trained their minds into thinking that women cannot do well by themselves and also revealed that she was once accused of being in a relationship with a local playwright (name supplied).

“I do not know any Welshman Sibanda”, said Mahocs when asked about their alleged relationship.

When asked about her relationship with Mzoe Seven, Mahocs denied everything, including being seen at a food outlet in town enjoying herself with Mzoe.

“Mzoe and I are just friends, actually, I see him as a brother not what everyone says he is to me,” said Mahocs.

Mzoe could, however, neither confirm nor deny the accusations of being in a relationship with Mahocs.

“I have heard the rumours also. I cannot deny or agree to what the rumours say. I met Mbo Mahocs last year and since then, we have been spending a lot of time together, I enjoy her company as much as I believe she enjoys mine”, said Mzoe Seven.

On the allegations of Mahocs being involved with Welshman Sibanda and other sugar daddies, Mzoe only noted that Mahocs was a successful woman and haters would not succed in destroying her otherwise good reputation.


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