Mine workers bemoan low remuneration

06 Jan, 2019 - 00:01 0 Views
Mine workers bemoan low remuneration

The Sunday News

Belinda Moyo, Business Reporter
THE Zimbabwe Diamond and Allied Minerals Workers Union (ZDAMWU) says the prevailing macro-economic factors in the country has rendered mine workers’ salaries a pittance.

In a statement, ZDAMWU said the mining industry remains one of the lowest paying sectors with the prevailing inflationary environment in the country further eroding the employees’ meagre earnings.

“Workers’ salaries have been eroded. With a minimum of $260 being paid through RTGS, EcoCash or in bond note the workers are worse off and are earning close to nothing. There are massive price hikes that have affected almost every basic commodity in the country where prices are determined using parallel market rates,” read part of the statement.

ZDAMWU further lamented that miners and their families were living in abject poverty yet the industry was one of the country’s top foreign currency earners.

“Of great concern to ZDAMWU are the hardships being faced by mine workers and their families when the industry is the second if not first foreign currency earner after tobacco. The mining industry workers are currently the lowest paid in Zimbabwe in an industry that is labour intensive, has high risk and health hazard,” read part of the statement.

ZDAMWU also noted that the prevailing three-tier payment system being exerted by most business was adversely impacting on its members’ disposable income.

“The country has seen the emergence of unscrupulous and corrupt businesspeople who are using the three-tier prizing system to swindle consumers especially in rural areas where most mines are found. The situation being witnessed is also being worsened by heartless employers who are after profits without considering the plight of workers,” read the statement.

The Union said over the past few years it had been grappling to deal with several disputes in the industry among others, non -payment of wages, underpayment of wages, poor working conditions, unlawful dismissals and many more including harassment in all forms by employers.

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