Miner lights up Sungura Masters back on stage

24 Sep, 2020 - 12:09 0 Views
Miner lights up Sungura Masters back on stage Masotha (left) with fellow artiste Madlela

The Sunday News

Mthabisi Tshuma, Showbiz Correspondent

A LOCAL miner Evans Nyoni has given talented dance outfit Sungura Masters the zeal to pick up their dance shoes and head back to the rehearsal room.

This comes after a financial boost of an undisclosed amount to the group which will be accompanied by a makeup makeover from the generiosity of the 30-year-old miner cum philanthropist.

Nyoni said he has been sponsoring the group since 2018 after being a huge fan for their commitment in the arts, sweating their way out to give an audience quality entertainment.

“I like helping people a lot and I also sponsor rural schools in the sports sector. As for Sungura Masters it has good people and I liked their behaviour and that’s why I decided to help them.

“If God keeps blessing me, l’m expecting to do more for them as the Covid-19 has shown to me that they, just like a lot of artistes have challenges when they are not on stage,” said Nyoni.

Sungura Masters leader Masotha Nzou said, “Nyoni is a pillar to our group as he has been sponsoring us in almost everything that we want from going abroad where he pays for our transport and to even buying uniforms for us which are key in our brand.

“He first started to see us on shows before he approached us to offer his support so that our group grows. What he said to us was he was inspired by what the group is all about, wanting to grow and it’s for youths who are doing great by hustling for themselves. He is not about benefitting anything and as Masotha and Sungura Masters we will continue to work hard so that the guy sees that his money is being put to good use.”

Masotha said they have started to do rehearsals as there are expecting to be gracing wedding occasions which are now back.


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