Ministers pledge to keep development momentum

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Ministers pledge to keep development momentum President Mnangagwa poses with his cabinet

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NEWLY appointed Cabinet ministers have pledged to maintain the development momentum established by the Second Republic during its first term in line President Mnangagwa’s directive for the acceleration of developmental work anchored on servant leadership and commitment.

Last Thursday, President Mnangagwa laid out a roadmap to guide all Government ministries, departments and parastatals going forward during a Government High-Level-Retreat held in Harare as the Second Republic continues to show its commitment to serving the generality of Zimbabweans in its second term. Speaking on the sidelines of the retreat, Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Dr Jenfan Muswere said the Head of State had directed that a whole of Government and a whole of society approach be adopted pursuant to sustained growth and development.

Dr Muswere said President Mnangagwa had also stressed that servant leadership was of paramount importance in serving the generality of Zimbabweans.

“President Mnangagwa emphasised that a whole of Government approach has to be utilised as we accelerate the implementation of various Government projects across all sectors.

“He also emphasised the whole of society approach as we implement all these Government programmes and at the same time central to his speech was also the servant leadership model which must be inculcated across all civil servants and in particular the ministers, deputy ministers, permanent secretaries and senior Government officials who must always know that this is a Government for the people, by the people as we journey towards vision 2030,” he said.

Industry and Commerce Minister Sithembiso Nyoni said they would heed the directive by the Head of State to continue pursuing sustained economic growth.

Minister Nyoni said as enunciated by President Mnangagwa, all ministries would collaborate and complement each other towards the ultimate goal of delivering development and service to the people of Zimbabwe.

To this end, she said, close co-operation between Government departments would be instrumental.

“There are many projects in every sector; in manufacturing, commerce and also in growing the industry.

If you look at Bulawayo, a lot of industries have gone down so our first port of call is to sit down and look at each one of those sectors in detail and then see where we start and go. The key thing is that I will lead a team that is going to deliver on our mandate.

“This roadmap is very important. His Excellency was very clear that we need to build teams, we need to have unity of purpose and there has to be collaboration and teamwork, no silo mentality.

“If industry is to deliver we need energy to play its part as well as infrastructure, the Ministry of Finance through financing is taken care of. All those are important to making industry tick so if we operate in silos it will not work because as industry we need to move together,” Minister Nyoni said.

Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister Barbara Rwodzi, who was elevated from deputy minister in the previous Cabinet, said her ministry would be looking to exceed the current set target of a US$5 billion tourism industry by 2025.

She said they were ready to deliver for the people’s benefit and not for personal aggrandisement.

“The roadmap is very clear and actually very challenging particularly for us ministers, deputy ministers, permanent secretaries and everyone who is working in Government. Ours is to work for the country and not ourselves, to work and deliver for the people of Zimbabwe who have put us where we are right now.

“So it is very imperative to make sure that whatever we do we need to deliver. It is not for us as individuals but for the country and the people of Zimbabwe.

“As Tourism we have a US$5 billion target but after this presentation from our President, I was actually thinking that we have to exceed that and come up with more and better strategies that are aligned to this vision and five-year term going beyond 2030,” Minister Rwodzi said.

Masvingo Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Cde Ezra Chadzamira said they would look to timeously complete projects for the betterment of the general citizenry.

He said the roadmap given by President Mnangagwa would be the guiding principle.

“Guided by what President Mnangagwa said in giving us a roadmap towards 2030, we are going to continue implementing projects such as dams, roads and schools.

“We are also going to continue with the industrialisation agenda. As Masvingo we are going to focus on our dams for irrigation and transport systems so that the Second Republic’s second term goes on well,” he said.

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