Mother speaks of baby asthma healing testimony

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Mother speaks of baby asthma healing testimony Sithabile and her baby

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Sithabile and her baby

Sithabile and her baby

Franklin Chikwanda
SITHABILE comes from a family that has a long history of asthma, which she herself had. When she eventually got pregnant she was not spared having asthma attacks every week.

As she got towards the time of delivery she was admitted at Johannesburg Hospital in the high care unit as the doctors suspected that since she had a long history of asthma there was a high chance that the baby would also be affected by the asthmatic condition, and true to the doctors’ suspicion when the baby was finally born, initially doctors thought he was stillborn because his breathing was very weak and inconsistent so they had to quickly put him on oxygen for him to be able to start breathing properly.

Tests were done that confirmed that the baby was asthmatic.

As a result of this mother and child had to stay in hospital for two weeks after the birth and the baby was kept on oxygen in high care unit  which is similar  to intensive care unit (ICU). Two weeks later they were discharged. The baby was given some medication in syrup form for children in an attempt to assist with stabilising his chest.

When the baby was about six months old Sithabile left South Africa and returned  to Zimbabwe. However, two months after being back in Zimbabwe something triggered the asthma and the baby started having asthma attacks on a regular basis, almost every week.

Due to the attacks the baby was admitted to hospital sometime towards the end of January. Without any records of the medical history (all records had remained in South Africa) it was initially thought that he had pneumonia but tests later confirmed that he was asthmatic.

The doctors immediately started to give him the asthmatic medication. Upon getting better he was discharged the first week of February and had to go back to the hospital for weekly reviews. As early as the first week of February she started going back to hospital on a weekly basis as the condition of the baby was not improving.

On 6 July 2018 Apostle Bwanya hosted an all-night prayer. It so happened that on the very same day the baby was not well and under an asthmatic attack and was struggling to breathe.

He was wheezing, his  chest was heavy and he was struggling to breathe. Members of her family advised Sithabile to take the baby to the hospital, however, she told them that instead of going to hospital she was going to take the baby to the all-night prayer.

Her main worry was that she knew that the baby would be admitted to hospital and she would miss the all- night prayer. Upon hearing this the family did not approve of her delaying to go to hospital and she encountered a lot of resistance as family members were greatly concerned about  the condition the baby.

The general consensus was that she takes the baby to the hospital and not to the all-night prayer. Despite resistance from her family she took a leap of faith,  believing God for a miracle. She made up her mind to attend the all-night prayer.

When she arrived at Spirit Filled International Ministries she made the baby comfortable behind one of the sofas, and made a small bed with blankets.

During the all-night prayer Apostle Bwanya in the prophetic prophesied about a baby who is asthmatic. Upon hearing this Sithabile was shocked and confused that the Holy Spirit had located her and the plight of her baby.

It so happened that a few mothers with the same situation ran to the front, but Apostle L Bwanya went even deeper and said that the mother of the baby in question was not among the mothers in front, but was still among those in the congregation and the Apostle pointed in the direction where she was standing and the power of the Holy Spirit slayed her and she fell to the floor.

When she came to her senses she realised that she was in front, right next to Apostle Bwanya and was asked where the baby was. She got up and ran to fetch the baby and brought him to the Apostle. The Apostle then instructed everyone to stretch their hands towards the baby and pray.

Since 6 July till this day because of the healing grace upon Apostle Bwanya the baby has not had an attack. He has stopped taking the asthma medication and is well and breathing normally on his own. Before the all- night prayer it was always a challenge for the mother to use any perfumes, deodorants, or perfumed soaps on herself as this always triggered an attack.

The  only cream that she could use to bath and apply on the baby was ordered from outside the country and was very expensive.

She was told to buy a specific inhaler (salbitamore) that is accompanied with a spacer device, not only was it too expensive but at the time the stock was not available in the country. When the spacer for the inhaler was eventually available it was a week after the all- night prayer and miraculous healing the baby had been cured and had no need of it.

And before the all-night prayer they couldn’t make a fire as the smoke would always trigger an attack. The carpet that they had removed out of the lounge as it would trigger an attack when the baby came into contact with has since been put back.

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