Mpilo Central Hospital dismisses shortage of drugs claims

25 Jan, 2019 - 12:01 0 Views
Mpilo Central Hospital dismisses shortage of drugs claims

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MPILO Central Hospital in Bulawayo has denied reports on social media that it has run out of essential drugs and basic sundries saying it does not own a Twitter account and members of the public should ignore the one that is being attributed to the hospital as it is meant to misinform them.

This comes after there was a post on an alleged Twitter page of the hospital which read, “Shortage of Essential Drugs and Basic Sundries still a challenge at @MpiloCentral. We wish the authorities could take note and act timeously to preserve the sanctity of life.”

Questioned on the authenticity of the account and its contents Mpilo Central Hospital clinical director Dr Solwayo Ngwenya said the hospital does not own a Twitter account and therefore the information on it was not originated by the hospital.

“The hospital does not have an official Twitter account. I checked with our public relations department when I saw that page. It’s a fake account,” he said.

He said although they were facing challenges like every other health institution in the country, the situation was not so dire and they were doing their best to ensure the hospital functions efficiently.

“There are 500 patients in the hospital, there are people who are being discharged and 33 babies were born yesterday, if we are having challenges how then are we managing to treat these people? There are major things that the nation is facing, people are experiencing challenges and we cannot pin our challenges to the government as we are managing at the moment,” said Dr Ngwenya.

Health services institutions in the country were sometime past heavily affected by shortages of drugs due to forex shortage.

A timely intervention by the Government saved the situation as it prioritised the sector on forex allocation to ease the burden for patients.

This deliberate move has been aimed at ensuring patients do not suffer while at the time coming as a strategy that to implore players to return normalcy by going reverting to a proper pricing regime.

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