Mpilo endorses Bura initiative

04 May, 2014 - 16:05 0 Views

The Sunday News

Vusumuzi Dube Municipal Reporter
MPILO Central Hospital officials have endorsed an initiative by the Bulawayo United Residents Association (Bura) to raise $200 000 for the construction of a perimeter wall at the hospital, noting that this was a way to encourage community involvement in the running of the institution.

In an interview with Sunday News, Mpilo Central Hospital chief executive officer, Dr Lawrence Mantiziba, praised the initiative as it went along with one of their goals of having the community own the hospital.

“I was very happy when Bura initially approached me at the initial stages of this project, which is why we did not spend much time deliberating but immediately endorsed it.

“To be frank, this is one of the most noble initiatives by the Bulawayo community because at the end of the day development starts at the lowest level and in this case being the community at large, we can never talk of development without getting an input from the community itself,” he said.

He noted that they would continue working with the residents association in most of their projects as they strive to get society more involved in the running of the hospital.

“Our main aim at the end of the day is that people have to realise that this is not the CEO’s hospital or nurses’ hospital alone but it belongs to the community. Such projects show that people are fast beginning to realise this; which must be commended.

“In June, we will be going out to the community in an engagement exercise and I would like to call upon everyone to attend these meetings and further feel free to speak their mind. They should tell us what they expect from us and what we should do to ensure better service delivery,” said Dr Mantiziba.

Meanwhile, Bura chairperson Mr Winos Dube, revealed that residents were now beginning to appreciate the importance of the initiative and collections were gradually improving.
“During the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair we had some of our members going around the grounds collecting money for the initiative. Mpilo also gave us a corner at their stand where we got to explain to people what our initiative was all about.

“We are now saying that our members should now go and bank whatever they have, so that we can add up our figures. However, we are not taking away their forms but saying they should continue collecting. Those that deposit must endorse the serial numbers of their forms for accountability purposes,” said the residents’ association chairperson.

He said residents had to realise that this was not a profit making scheme but a means for them as residents to assist in the upkeep of the hospital.

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