Msiz’Kay says now on right course

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Msiz’Kay says now on right course Msiz’kay

The Sunday News

Rumbidzai Mhlanga, Sunday Life Reporter

STRENGTH and growth come only through continuous effort and sometimes struggle. This is the testimony given by Sizalobuhle Nkomo, popularly known as Msiz’kay, who through determination and grit is now one of Bulawayo’s finest music prospects.

Unlike other artistes Msiz’kay paved his own way to the music industry, determined and persistent, he made a name for himself and is now deemed one of the best as far as hip-hop is concerned.

Speaking to Sunday Life the artiste related how he loved music from a tender age and how the dream became a reality.

“I always loved music growing up, I always sang along while listening to music on the radio then at secondary level I started writing poems which later on turned into songs,” said Msiz’kay.

“When I met Vyrass back in 2009 who produced my first song I recorded titled Recognition and I’ve never looked back since then,” he continued.

The innovative 30-year-old artiste, whose music is not for its boundary breaking ideas, could not choose a particular genre as he had ideas for many genres hence decided to take bits and pieces from various genres.

“My music genre is called Woo Haa Music, it is a fusion of hip-hop, R ’n B and various traditional African music elements to come up with a unique sound that is 100 percent Msiz’kay,” he said.

Inspired and motivated by family and his mentor who was also his friend the late Joe Maseko the versatile artiste has been focusing on his career while also aiming for greater heights.

“My greatest inspiration was always my mentor and friend the late great Joe Maseko and my family has always been my pillar of strength helping me deal with the day-to-day challenges of being an artiste,” he said.

“Joe Maseko mentored me and taught me music production and helped me grow into a fully-fledged artiste-producer, above all its been God at work and Sabela Music Projects who distribute my music,” added Msiz’kay.

Being nominated twice in the same year for 2017 Bulawayo Arts Awards Song of the Year as well as a 2017 Skyz Metro Fm Best Hip-Hop Song nominee and 2018 Bulawayo Arts Awards nominee for Outstanding Hip-Hop Artiste/Act showed the young artiste that he is on the right track and motivated him to press on and do even better.

“Being nominated thrice opened my eyes and made me realise that I can achieve my goals of being the best at what I do,” Msiz’kay said.

Being nominated for Outstanding Hip-Hop Artiste/Act for this year’s Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards 2019 is another feather in Msiz’kay’s cap.

“I’m super excited and happy that myself and my work are being counted among artistes doing good music in the city,” stated the artiste.

“I have aspirations to become one of the greatest musicians of all time and reach billions of people all over the world with my music. Inspire and entertain,” he continued.

Despite his many triumphs, the young artiste shared with Sunday Life the challenges of being an artiste.

“Our biggest challenge is that the local market is generally more receptive to music from outside Bulawayo and Zimbabwe hence it has been an uphill climb fighting to change the hearts and minds of people and get them to listen to a local artistes,” mentioned Msiz’kay.

The artiste also narrated how he comes up with the title of his albums and where he gets ideas to compose meaningful lyrics with relevant messages.

“I write concept-based music, almost all of my music is influenced by personal experiences, things that I have seen and heard as I go through life,” said Msiz’kay.

“Both my albums Bazovuma and Bayashiselwa the second one which came out this April stood out for me as great album titles, because they are powerful words that catch people’s attention,” he added.

“I produce almost all my music with the help of other talented musicians who come through to aid me from time to time with specific live elements.” 


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