Mzoe 7 slams gold diggers in song

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Mzoe 7 slams gold diggers in song Mzoe 7

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Mzoe 7

Mzoe 7

Bhekumuzi Ncube, Sunday Life Reporter
WITH a few weeks remaining to rock the most liked month in the world, Mzobanzi “Mzoe7” Mlauzi has released a witty song titled Babes weMonthend which promises to be among the top hits this festive season.

To children, December is the month of new clothes and Christmas celebrations, but to workers the main thing on mind is bonuses. Mzoe7 believes the majority of people are deceived by treacherous women and men who get close to them only for their money, and he said the track Babes weMonthend advises people to be careful when spending their money this festive season.

“Many people will love you for what you have, only a few will love you for who you are. Babes weMonthend reminds workers, artistes and people in general to be more responsible with their money. The lyrics of the track say ‘lomntwan’ ungibiza ngo Babes weMonthend ungithanda ngiholile’ meaning there are people who will only smile for people’s salaries, but when you are struggling they will be nowhere to be found,” he said.

Babes weMonthend is part of Mzoe7’s EP titled The Mooguchief which consists of tracks like Calender, Yes sir, Fill-up the Jojo and Istory yiso.

To many people, it`s quite unthinkable that Mzoe7 is yet to launch his debut album as he has been involved in many successful duets with renowned artistes. His most recognised project was with award winning dancer Sandra Ndebele, in which they produced a thumping hit titled Ingoma.

The Vuzu hit maker has previously been nominated twice in Song of the Year category.

In 2015 he was nominated for his blockbuster hit I cry too and in this year’s Bulawayo Arts Awards (BAA) for the hit Ingoma. He said he hoped to scoop awards with his latest songs in the upcoming arts awards.

“Coming so close to emerging victorious in previous arts awards has encouraged me to believe in myself and work extra hard to achieve greater things in the future,” he said.

It`s been quite a fruitful year for the multitalented superstar.

In July, he started hosting ZBCtv show called Star Maker which seeks to expose people behind the success of musicians which include the likes of producers, costume designers, music writers and managers.


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