Naughty by Nature brings Charles Dickens to Bulawayo

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Naughty by Nature brings Charles Dickens to Bulawayo Naughty by Nature and Light Wave Choir

The Sunday News

Rumbidzai Mhlanga, Sunday Life Reporter

REALISING the importance of Christmas to families Naughty by Nature and Light Wave Choir is giving families a Christmas gift through a play on 20 December at Bulawayo Theatre.

Thabani H Moyo, a playwright said the harsh economical conditions in the country inspired him to come up with a play based on Charles Dickens’ novel titled, A Christmas Carol.

A Christmas Carol is your Christmas gift from Naughty by Nature and Light Wave Choir. The play premières on the 20th of December at Bulawayo Theatre. It runs for two nights, the story is based on Charles Dickens’ novel A Christmas Carol. I adapted the novel for stage because I felt that the story will be relevant to our own Zimbabwean situation,”

“Looking at our economic situation a lot of questions crossed my mind thinking about Christmas Day. I asked myself if Christmas time worth celebrating this year? What is there to celebrate when we are languishing in poverty? Maybe we need to save the little money that we have for other important needs? These are some of the questions that the play will be interrogating through the life of MR Squeeze, the part will be played by the veteran actor Gift Chakuvinga,” said Moyo.

Moyo highlighted that although the main reason of the play is to entertain but it is also a lesson to people that sharing is caring.

“We realised that despite the economic hardships Christmas needs to be celebrated. The play encourages the spirit of sharing between the haves and have nots. It will shed light to people like Mr Squeeze who do not want to hear of anything when it comes to charity work done in the name of Christmas as for him, poverty is a result of laziness. It is also to highlight the plight of the poor within our communities and that during Christmas time they need to be catered for. They have to be remembered and donations towards such will go a long way,” he said.

Upon realising that there are less theatre events during the festive season and not much entertainment is prepared for families indoors, Moyo and his cast came up with the play.

“We are encouraging family time, parents need to spend quality time their children. This is one of the themes that is threaded throughout the play. We are trying to make people realise that what matters is the idea of living life and celebrating each moment. We noted that during the festive season they are few theatre events that take place in Bulawayo. A Christmas Carol is a family show. It has its lighter moments that the audience would love to enjoy,”

“The project is a collaboration between Naughty by Nature and Light Wave Choir which is led by Khaliphile Sibanda. The play is punctuated by a variety of Christmas carols and music. The cast is made of young singers from Light Wave and experienced stage actor Gift Chakuvinga and a number of Eveline High School learners. The production also uses multimedia effects to create stage aesthetics. The sound effects help to create various mood swings that are required by the story,” Moyo said.


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