Ndux puts final touches to album, DVD

26 Oct, 2014 - 00:10 0 Views

The Sunday News

TSHIBILIKA musician Ndux Junior is set to release his eighth and latest album titled “UThando Luyingozi” during the first week of November.
During the same week, the singer will also release videos for his previous album -“Khona Sizake Sibone”.

Ndux Junior, whose real name is Witness Malaba, said all was set for the release of his eighth album and was finalising the mastering of the CD.

“I have completed recording the tracks and we are now at the mastering stage, which will be completed within a week and then we go into the production of the album. I believe it is coming at the right time when we are approaching the festive season and people will certainly enjoy the album, as they celebrate Christmas and it will also usher them into the New Year,” he said.

Ndux said he recorded the album in South Africa, adding that it was a way of easily reaching his huge South African base.

He said his seventh album was also ready and would be marketed in conjunction with Diamond Studios.

Ndux said his music was well appreciated in South Africa than in Zimbabwe, hence he felt recording the album in the neighbouring country would be a big advantage to his legion of fans across the Limpopo.

“Sales of my previous albums and DVDs have been more in South Africa than in Zimbabwe that is why I decided to do the recording in the neighbouring country. It was a financial decision and not because I doubt the quality of our recording studios or the ability of local engineers,” he said.

Ndux, who is the son of the late popular Kalanga musician, Nduna “Ndux Malax” Malaba, said he would remain true to his beat and the forthcoming album would contain social commentary lyrics that have become his trade mark.

He said financial problems had prevented him from availing the videos for his last album but he could not forgo recording the DVD as he did not want to let his fans down who had taken well to the album, “Khona Sizake Sibone”.

“The album was well received by my fans particularly the track, Ilizwe Lethu, which talks about our liberation heroes and the need to honour them equally for their efforts. Amakwerekwere talks about the trials and tribulations of foreigners in South Africa and many people were able to identify with it.

“Uthando Luyingozi only has one modification in that I have enlisted the keyboard as part of my music but the beat will remain the same and the social commentary has not changed,” he said.

Malaba has established himself with his humour laced lyrics and videos that he uses to tackle serious societal issues.

Ndux started releasing albums in 2007 with the album Sengkhona and has since then released a CD annually following up with S’gida Sindawonye in 2008, then came Sekumnandi, Sekunjalo was next while in 2011 he released Fak’imali Uzabona with Akuvumi Ngthule coming in 2012.

Ndux Junior like Peter Moyo, Morgan and Tendai Dembo as well as Derrick Majaivana took over the reins from their fathers after their deaths. Ndux Junior became famous after playing in popular Zimbabwean nightclubs and regular gigs in various small towns dotted in the Matabeleland region as well as in Johannesburg.

He performs his own songs and some from his father’s old hits.


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