New political party shuns July 31 demos

30 Jul, 2020 - 13:07 0 Views
New political party shuns July 31 demos Interim TPF President Mr Darryl Collet addresses a press conference recently as TPF leadership looks on

The Sunday News

Mthabisi Tshuma, Sunday News Correspondent
NEWLY formed political party The Patriotic Front (TPF) has spoken against illegal demonstrations slated for Friday that are being spearheaded by anti-Government activists.

Opposition parties, including the MDC Alliance, working with NGOs and sponsored by some Western embassies want to engage in violent demonstrations on July 31 which they had initially disguised as a march against corruption.

This is despite the fact that the country is under a national lockdown whose regulations include a ban on gatherings of large numbers of people to prevent the transmission and spread of Covid-19.

Speaking during a press conference at a local hotel in Bulawayo recently, interim TPF President Mr Darryl Collet said their party is a multiracial movement that spells a new milestone in Zimbabwe’s political terrain.

“This is the first time I address you as President of The Patriotic Front and I do it with great honor and humility. TPF is a multiracial movement born out of a collective desire and vision for a better future for our country and its citizens. It spells a new milestone in our country’s politics.

“Uncertainties of the future dominate the minds of all. My message for you today is one of encouragement and hope as we strive together with your support to convince all that hold authority the need for change and a different approach,” said Mr Collet.

Mr Collet said as a party they believe in clean politics coupled with economic, social, religious and cultural emancipation of all Zimbabweans therefore there will not take part in the proposed July 31 demonstrations.

“We are not participating in that (July 31 demonstrations) we are not a confrontational party we will not be partaking in the demos. We are a democracy and whatever grievances we have we will try to erect by negotiating and meeting with the elected Government. In 2023 the people will go to the polls and decide for themselves who is the best option and until then we will not get involved in anything, demonstrations.

“The clarion call therefore, is for us to unite towards constructing and developing our public infrastructure in our communities. Let us unite in our communities to create a successful, progressive and united Zimbabwe,” said Mr Collet.

Mr Collet said political leaders have a role to play in uniting the country at large so that prosperous developments can be made.

“To fellow political leaders, let us be the leaders who unite the people of Zimbabwe and rally them towards a common national agenda. Let us anchor our country on the principles of social justice. Let us build Zimbabwe on the pillars of democracy, common patriotism and loyalty in which cultural, linguistic and religious diversity of the people is recognized and respected.

“Let us eliminate all forms of discrimination based on race, religion, ethnic origin, sex or creed. Let us reduce the levels of brain drain in our country by creating a conducive atmosphere for Zimbabweans to thrive at work and in business. Let us brighten the lives of our youth by reworking the school curriculum from primary to tertiary level,” said Mr Collet.

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