Nissi Global unpacks tailor-made, low-interest rate loans for all

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Nissi Global unpacks tailor-made, low-interest rate loans for all

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Nissi Global

By Dzikamai Dunira
FINANCIAL services giant, Nissi Global has unpacked a raft of tailor-made, low-interest rate loans meant to assist the financially distressed and all loan applications from prospective beneficiaries will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Nissi Global is a registered micro-financier that has been providing affordable loans for women projects, housing, small incremental buildings, renovations and other pressing commitments such as school fees, medical bills and rentals at very low interest rates for especially small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and individuals — whether gainfully employed or self-employed, for more than 20 years.

Boasting of at least 30 000 clients across Zimbabwe and supported by several developmental funders, Nissi has traceable operations and is currently disbursing a $3 million fund for women projects at just two percent interest per month. This fast-growing financier processes loans within 48 hours of application for all entrepreneurs, be they in the formal or informal sector.

Nissi has now expanded its product range to include the much talked-about Women Paratz Project Fund, business loans, stop-order loans, foreign exchange, pay-day loans, housing micro-finance loans and agency services for Steward Bank and CBZ.

It is the Women Paratz Project Fund that has since taken hard-pressed entrepreneurs by storm.

“If you’ve always wanted to open a business, but lack experience or funds, don’t let that dampen your plans. Any woman with a solid business idea and an entrepreneurial spirit can now take full advantage of our services; loans are now available. Our interest rates are the lowest you can ever have at any time; imagine it’s only 2 percent per month, unbelievable!” remarked Ms Theodorah Masarira, a seasoned marketing officer at Nissi Global.

“We fund groups with a minimum membership of five women. However, this doesn’t mean that we shun males and other individual businesswomen; our door is always open for all persons with great business minds. Just call us on 029-61345 and we’ll readily assist you” she added.

The pay-day loans are exclusively available to formally employed individuals in need of urgent financial assistance and these are repayable on their next pay day.

“Are you still struggling with overdue bills, unexpected car repairs or emergency medical bills daily? Unforeseen expenses can be frustrating and can possibly send you swirling into a dark, deep hole of financial trouble if you’re not careful. But that’s where pay-day loans from Nissi Global come in. We also trade in all major currencies in the world at attractive rates; it’s quite reliable and easy. It’s a safe way to change your money. We advise you all not to lose money to unscrupulous ‘forex dealers’; rather, you may come to Nissi Bureau de Change for professional service” said Ms Masarira.

Their stop-order facility with the Salary Services Bureau (SSB) caters for civil servants in Zimbabwe and offers loans at low interests and on affordable payment terms.

The housing micro-finance scheme is meant to assist low-income households repair and improve their own homes. As an agent for Steward Bank and CBZ, the institution provides similar services such as cash deposits, withdrawals, accounts opening, school fees payments and EcoCash services.

It is commendable that some indigenous companies have since taken the initiative to rebuild the economy through capital support for infrastructural projects, which resonates well with the new dispensation. More co-operation is now needed for a speedy economic recovery.

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