No room for king or monarchy: VP Mohadi

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No room for king or monarchy:  VP Mohadi VP Mohadi

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VP Mohadi

VP Mohadi

Peter Matika, Senior Reporter
VICE-PRESIDENT Kembo Mohadi on Friday reiterated that there was no room for a king or monarchy in Zimbabwe, saying that the country’s constitution did not allow for such an arrangement.

Speaking during a business dinner held in his honour at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair, VP Mohadi said instead of identifying each other by tribe, Zimbabweans must seek to be identified as one. The event was also meant to fundraise for the building of a centre for cancer treatment at Mpilo hospital, a campaign being run by the KCD Mohadi Foundation.

“I wondered to myself when I was in Japan when I learnt that someone wanted to be enthroned the king? I said whose king does he want to be? We are no longer under a monarchy and our constitution does not allow for a monarchy. If one wanted to be in a monarchical state they could have done that properly, so that it could have been included in the constitution,” said VP Mohadi.

He also said Zimbabwe could no longer afford the luxury of calling each other by tribe, saying that it would afford the country nothing, as it was on a path of redefining itself and seeking investment from across the globe.

“I’ll tell you one thing for example. If you meet a white man from Britain and ask him who he is he will tell you he is British. He won’t say he is English or Scott but British because they are united. That is why they define as United Kingdom,” said VP Mohadi.

He made these remarks in light of the ongoing calls by some pressure groups and local chiefs to have a Ndebele king in Zimbabwe. A fortnight ago Mthwakazi activists were involved in running battles with anti-riot police in front of the High Court in Bulawayo protesting over the High Court decision on the matter.

The High Court blocked the planned coronation of Mr Bulelani Colin Lobengula Khumalo as King of Ndebele on grounds that there was no law in the country allowing the establishment of a monarch.

Meanwhile, V P Mohadi donated $10 000 towards the building of the cancer centre. A number of companies in Bulawayo also made pledges ranging from cash to building materials in a colourful ceremony that brought together business leaders in the city.

The Vice-President urged the business community to support the noble cause, saying cancer was one of the major challenges in the health sector, adding that men and women should take time to get tasted for cancer.

He said he was happy that the First Lady, Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa had set the ball rolling in championing the cause against cervical and breast cancer.

Mr Mathew Mutavayi, a member of the KCD Mohadi Foundation, said they will also channel some funds to the elderly in the city. He added that companies and individuals were still free to come forward with donations. Last week the Foundation organised a Charity match featuring football giants Highlanders and Caps United. The Charity Shield was won by Highlanders.

“The Mpilo cancer unit was targeted because it’s one of the two cancer units in the country and it’s an important component of the health sector, considering the increasing number of people that are battling with cancer. A lot has to be done for the unit to be fully functional and make it a state of the art facility. The unit needs a mould room, chemotherapy room, consultation offices and storage rooms. It also needs a physics room, staff tea room, additional toilets, furniture and a perimeter fence,” he said.

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