Now that O and A level ZIMSEC Results are out. What next?

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Now that O and A level ZIMSEC Results are out. What next?

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O and A level results have just been released, it is the time to plan the way forward whether the results are good or bad.

Congratulations to all learners who managed to sit for their exams.

To those who managed to excel silitshayela amahlombe sithi well done!!! To those who did not do well, we say,” if at first you don’t succeed , dust yourself up and try again”.

Now is the time to start figuring out what went wrong and come up with a plan on how to fix it. It is also the right time to decide your future career.

Accept the results

The first step is to accept the results. If the child did not do well avoid negative comments such as, “you are worthless, you wasted my money, etc”.

Rather , sit down with your child and give positive advice. To the learners our advice is that, stop blaming yourself, your parents or even God as this will not get you anywhere. See these exam results as your own lessons for next time.

This will help to mitigate the chances of you failing in a similar way in the future.

Failing is not the end of the world , there is room to reattempt their exams or strategise on best way forward.

What to do if you decide to repeat failed grades

For those who want to re attempt their O and A level exams , Trust Academy High school offers clinical coaching in subject areas which learners perceive to be difficult as well extensive exam preparation.

Supplementing the failed subjects

Consult your former subject teachers to find out possible reasons for failing so that the child is assisted on how to improve.

The other option will be to find a different school to prepare for reexamination as some children might feel uncomfortable learning in their old schools.

Trust Academy High School provides revision lessons for learners who did not do well in their examinations.

Our lessons are exam focused and career oriented. Learners are taught on how to approach different examination questions, (the dos and don’ts). Learners are provided with adequate and up to date learning and revision material to thoroughly prepare for their final examinations.

Our teachers are qualified and experienced.

They are able to identify the different needs and challenges for each learner and they are patient enough that they can assist the learner to grasp the challenging subject content.

Conditional entry for lower six

If you got less than 5 O levels and you want to proceed to A level.

Trust academy High school offers you conditional entry which allows you to do you’re a level at the same time supplementing your O levels.

Career oriented subject combinations

When you decide to proceed to do you A levels, know the subjects that will take you to your dream career.

Some O level graduates pick subject they passed with good grades for their A level subject combinations, the question is ‘will the subject you chose get you to that job that you want.

If not consider dropping the combination and choosing a combination that will get you to your desired field.

This is important because it determines how satisfied you will be with your job in future.

At Trust Academy High school, you are assisted in choosing subject combinations that match your career choice.

It is very important to know your interest and the possible careers that are linked to your interest.

To mention a few examples, if you are someone who likes dealing with people the possible careers are in tourism and hospitality , insurance, marketing, education, which will enable you to interact with people on a daily basis.

This will make you to be happy and satisfied with your career. Someone who likes dealing with facts and figures may choose careers which include, accounting, banking finance, statistician, data processing, mathematician, actuarial science, Forensic Accounting, Audit and Risk Management etc. it is very crucial to know your interests, possible careers associated with that interest as well as the subject combinations needed for that career.

So our advice is that, make the hard choice of retaking your outstanding O level subjects while you in doing A level.

With our coaching you will enjoy the double feat achievement.

Its doable.

Yes, more hard working is needed and what’s unusual about that?

It makes you hungrier for success and achievement.

Be part of the journey.

We walk with you with loving care because we value your success.

Trust us for that!

This article is prepared and presented in the interest of providing free career guidance and counselling to all people who value education and training as a critical cornerstone to success in life.

Alternatively, write to: [email protected] or WhatsApp 0715749431 or 0774143564 or visit our campus for free career guidance and counselling at Number 52 Fort street between 3rd and 4th avenue, Bulawayo.

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