Parking reprieve for Bulawayo motorists

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Parking reprieve for Bulawayo motorists

The Sunday News

Mehluli Sibanda, Senior Reporter

MOTORISTS in Bulawayo will breathe a huge sigh of relief after Tendy Three Investments, the company that is managing the city’s parking system announced that as from tomorrow (Wednesday), drivers can now carry their one hour to another bay.

Previously, motorists, who left a parking bay before the expiry of their one hour were required to fork out at the next parking spot. This had led to an outcry from the motoring public as it costs US$1 or its equivalent in local currency to park for an hour in the Central Business District.

TTI chairman Mr Lizwe Mabuza announced that teams were busy at work to ensure that come Wednesday morning, motorists are able to park for 60 minutes at any parking bay in the city where the system has been rolled out.

“As we speak right now, our IT department is working 24/7 trying to put that module which allows people to transfer their minutes from one bay to another. If all goes well and through liaison with the council which is charge, we are hoping that come tomorrow (Wednesday), when we are on our streets, motorists are able to transfer their parking time into the next parking bay,” he said.

Mr Mabuza also indicated that they were in consultation with the Bulawayo City Council to exempt pensioners from paying for parking.

He clarified that the company which applied for and won the parking tender is Tendy Three Investments Zimbabwe not the South African firm, with all that was coming from across the Limpopo River being the technology as well as the investment.

“The company that applied for this tender is Tendy Three Zimbabwe, the only thing South African about this initiative is that our machines are coming from South Africa, the investment is coming from South Africa, there is too much misinformation, they are saying we are here to siphon money out of Zimbabwe,’’ said Mr Mabuza.

Bulawayo Mayor, Councillor Solomon Mguni said the city had gone for a long time without any smart parking system that is why there is resistance to the partnership between BCC and TTI.

“We had gone for years without smart parking, when something new starts that has not been implemented for a long time, that is why there are disagreements,’’ said Clr Mguni.

Mr Kimpton Ndimande, the BCC financial services director said the parking system is here to stay, with all that is needed being to fine tune it. He pointed out that they realized that they city’s roads were not in such a good state, hence the money from parking will towards fixing the infrastructure.

“Let us tune this parking because it’s ours it’s not going anywhere, we will be fixing it as we go, if there is something you do not like about the parking say it out but do so in a respectful manner,’’ Mr Ndimande said.

Meanwhile, TTI today (Tuesday) donated 1 200 food parcels to the elderly, child headed families, the sick, disabled as well as its 200 staff members. The food parcels, worth US$33 000 were handed out at 10 different centres in Bulawayo.

Mr Dictor Khumalo, the BCC housing and community services director expressed his appreciation to TTI for chipping in to assist with food items since it is also a priority for the City Fathers to provide such items to the needy. Khumalo also challenged other companies to emulate TTI in providing assistance to the less privileged members of society.

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