Paying attention to detail

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Paying attention to detail

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Amanda Ncube

WHETHER you are decorating a small or bigger space, there is nothing more important than paying attention to detail.

Here are decorating tips to assist you make sense of what good design really means.

If you are open to mastering a few basic decorating principles and putting your creativity to the test, you are sure to enjoy a home that is both comfortable and stylish.

Experiment with patterns. Layering patterning in a range of styles and scales is an easy and exciting way to add visual interest to a room. Try pairing different colours, for example black and white pillows with green stripe bedding. A combination of different colours will give your space an aware atmosphere.

Make sure you use colour at your entrance. If you tend to be more reserved when it comes to colour choices, explore other avenues by choosing a bold hue. It is unexpected and can be an elegant backdrop for showcasing an art collection. 

Showcase your collectibles by displaying them on a table. Make sure everyone sees and envies them every time they step in the room. Every room can benefit from accessories that have a history. Just be sure your collection is highly curated to maintain a sense of balance in your display.

Try to unify vintage pieces and new pieces by grouping them by colour. You mix things up with old and new. 

Use texture to make neutrals exciting. You do not need to go bright in order to create visual impact in a room. It will look aesthetic, move away from colour. Make sure you do that with texture and pattern.

Always look at the bigger picture. Looking at your home from an all-inclusive perspective —seeing how each room works in balance against the other can help craft a welcome variety in your spaces. Make sure there is a touch of formality to a contemporary home.

Go for an organic impact. Instead of fighting against rustic, embracing the natural character of a home can create a natural richness in the space. All the other elements, the brass sink and hardware, the mirror is vintage or antique.

Instead of using art, you can cut down on cost and use your walls as a canvas. High impact wallpaper can give a passive room some wow-factor. You can purchase any wall covering and it will adapt to any room. Complete your room by creating the missing parts, the plinth and ceiling frame to make it look beautiful.

Look for a unique material that will stand out. Allowing unique items to dictate some design decisions can lead to unexpected beautiful results. 

Embrace the fear of commitment in order to avoid being locked into a single style. 

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