Players must work towards lifetime targets

10 Mar, 2019 - 00:03 0 Views
Players must work towards lifetime targets Madinda Ndlovu

The Sunday News

Zenzo Moyo

The current crop of players need to show passion in what they are doing. I have a strong feeling they are too relaxed. 

They are supposed to take football as a job and a profession and not a pastime thing. As individuals they must have targets of what they want to achieve through playing football.

Everything is now easier for current players compared to yester year. 

For instance, they travel in luxury coaches a day before the game and get booked into luxurious hotels overnight, something unheard of in the past where players would wake up early in the morning and hit the road cramped in a kombi or mini bus. The players need to take the game seriously, but that is not the case comparing them to yester year players who however, did not have the luxury of hotels and luxury buses, let alone good salaries and allowances. 

Even though yester year players did not have such nice things, they were still dedicated to the game. They were loyal to the game and the clubs they played for.

To show that yester year players were committed to the game under those harsh conditions, a player could move straight from Zimbabwe to a league in Europe and break into the playing squad. 

During those days there was nothing like a small team, any team could beat anyone because of commitment.

Players like Paul Gundani went to England, Kenneth Nagoli played in Brazil, Gift Lunga (Snr) played in Germany, Agent Sawu was in Switzerland with the late Adam Ndlovu, Max Makanza was in Germany where the likes of Willard (late) and Madinda Ndlovu also played, and Vitalis Takawira went to USA and Shingi Kawondera went to Polland, to name but a few. All these players moved from home straight to overseas.

There is something right that was being done way back. 

Training sessions used to attract huge crowds, better than the league games we see now. So what I’m saying to current players is that no matter which team you are playing for, you need to give it your all. Some yester year players were working day jobs and would go for training after work, whereas now players train in the morning and some can afford to spend the whole day resting. It’s time players pushed themselves to deliver more and reach their full potential.

Players must ask themselves why in the past, football fans knew players from almost all PSL teams. A soccer fan in Bulawayo would tell you the Starting Eleven of Black Rhinos in Harare or Lancashire steel in Kwekwe. 

Nowadays, fans struggle to identify even players from teams in their own town. Why?

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