Police launch Patrol Unit and Traffic Decongestion teams

15 Apr, 2018 - 00:04 0 Views

The Sunday News

Loveness Mpofu, Sunday News Reporter
PUMULA representative in the National Assembly Cde Godfrey Malaba has commended the police for their dedication to duty, saying they should continue to maintain peace so that the upcoming elections will be held in a peaceful environment.

Cde Malaba also said as community leaders they were looking up to the police to carry out their duties and ensure that the country remained peaceful.

He said these remarks while addressing police officers and members of the community during the Zimbabwe Republic Police launch of the Patrol Unit and Traffic Decongestion teams in Nkulumane District yesterday.

“We thank you for the concept you are coming up with as police. It is a welcome development in our country’s situation and we are very happy that the new dispensation is well governed and this will continue being achieved if you continue being a dedicated and responsible police force. We want to see you in shops as children buy food stuffs because they get robbed of their monies by gangsters and even in bars because the mere presence of a uniformed police officer in a community reduces crime and people feel safe,” he said.

“As MPs we need to make sure that our police force gets all the necessary support as they carry out their duties. We will make sure that we do our best so that you get all the help you need. As a leader in the community, the message I’m sending out is that we are looking up to you to make sure that the elections occur in a calm environment and that candidates stay in line during their campaigns. Don’t be selective in the application of the law. Those found out of line should be arrested despite their political affiliation because violence knows no politics. Your loyalty is in the country and nobody else.”

Acting officer commanding Nkulumane District Superintendent Kumirai Dube promised that police will continue to carry their duties in a dedicated manner.

“The new dispensation is centred on us, the army and other civil servants in order to lure investment into the country. Police visibility should increase and I urge our police service to be vigilant and continue to work hard. With the help of the community we can achieve a crime free society,” he said.


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