PPC Zimbabwe launch new range of products

30 Jun, 2020 - 10:06 0 Views
PPC Zimbabwe launch new range of products

The Sunday News

Mehluli Sibanda, Senior Reporter
AS a sign of confidence in the country’s future prospects, the nation’s leading cement manufacturer, PPC Zimbabwe on Monday launched what it calls the Sure range of products, which will be available on the market as from Wednesday.

Speaking at the launch at a Bulawayo hotel, PPC Zimbabwe managing director, Mr Kelibone Masiyane said the fact that they are introducing new choices for their consumers is an indicator that they are hopeful about the country’s future projections.

“We have a very optimistic view in terms of the country, this is why we are looking ahead and that why we’re rolling out products we believe are for the future,’’ said Mr Masiyane.

On the new products, Mr Masiyane described them as six exceptional introductions to the market. Sure Cast, Sure Wall, Sure Road, Sure Tech, Sure Cem (formerly Unicem) and Sure Build are the products that have been were launched.  

 “The products that we are introducing today are part of a threefold strategy that is to care for our customers, to care for the environment and to be the industry’s technology leader. The PPC Sure range is made up of six exceptional products, this product range demonstrates cutting edge technology in our industry with every product, new and improved to ensure excellent results every time,’’ Mr Masiyane said.

He indicated that some of the products are new while the older ones have been enhanced for a better performance with new recipes introduced to make improvements.

“We have not only improved the quality of our products but we’ve also refreshed their look. We have also changed the names of the products to ensure that they are aligned to the benefits that are contained in each and every bag,’’ he said.

On the reason why they called they decided to call the new products the Sure range, Mr Masiyane said it was a way of assuring their customers that when they purchase a PPC bag of cement, they are guaranteed of value for money.

“When you buy a PPC bag of cement, you are sure of exceptional product performance and strength hence we call them the Sure Range. With this product range, Zimbabwe’s infrastructure can and will be elevated to achieve the dreams that we have for our nation.”


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