President Mnangagwa urges women to take up economic opportunities

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President Mnangagwa urges women to take up economic opportunities President Mnangagwa addresses delegates at the close of the 7th Zanu-PF Women’s League Elective Conference in Harare yesterday

The Sunday News

Harmony Agere, Harare Bureau
PRESIDENT Mnangagwa has implored women to create synergies and form companies with the capacity to compete for tenders in the ongoing economic and infrastructural development efforts being championed by the Second Republic.

Women outnumber men in Zimbabwe and Government is championing programmes to empower them.

Addressing delegates at the close of the 7th Zanu-PF Women’s League Elective Conference in Harare yesterday, President Mnangagwa said Government was prioritising local companies, particularly those headed by women in its infrastructure development projects.

Zanu-PF Women’s League

He said companies would be provided with equipment and resources as loans, adding that the strategy had worked perfectly in the rehabilitation of the Harare-Beitbridge Highway.

“I, therefore, urge the Women’s League to create internal capacities for increased production and productivity of our ‘Made in Zimbabwe’ goods and services.

Scale up your resolve as the Women’s League and women in general, to be bold creators and builders of communities and the Zimbabwe we all want.”

As the backbone of the ongoing industrialisation and economic growth, women were urged to remain resilient and patient throughout the process.

“The women of Zimbabwe must be the key architects and builders of their own destiny and indeed builders of our beautiful country; brick by brick and stone upon stone.

This is more critical as we scale up our efforts towards sustainable national economic growth, guided by our development philosophy, Nyika inovakwa, inotongwa nevene vayo; Ilizwe lakhiwa, libuswe ngabaninilo.”

Government has started to prepare for the summer cropping season ahead of time, to insulate the country from the vagaries of climate change and ensure food security.

As such, President Mnangagwa exhorted women to follow suit.

“After all, you the women have proved to be the most successful of our farmers.

My Government has already put in place concrete plans and mechanisms to ensure that we have adequate inputs for a successful 2022/2023 season.

In addition, my Government will continue to facilitate the setting up of rural industry systems, road, water, health and education infrastructure to improve the plight and quality of life for our women across the country.”

As women continue to make strides in business, they are guaranteed financial support through the Zimbabwe Women’s Micro Finance Bank and the Women and Community Development Fund.

Zimbabwe Women’s Micro Finance Bank

In this regard, he directed the Women’s League to ensure women in urban and rural areas benefit from these initiatives for their enhanced participation in various value chains of the economy.

Women were also challenged to embrace the digital economy by enhancing their access to the internet and ICTs, especially in rural areas.

President Mnangagwa paid special tribute to the outgoing and incoming National Executive of the Women’s League.

“I further pay special tribute to the outgoing members of the National Executive of the Women’s League who faithfully and loyally served in this strategic wing of the Party.

I have no doubt that you will deploy the vast experience that you have gained to serve in other capacities and levels within our Party.

By the same token, I congratulate and welcome the newly elected leaders of the Women’s League National Executive as presented before us.”

The new executive was reminded of the need to be guided by Zanu-PF principles of servant leadership.

President Mnangagwa said women were defenders of the country’s Independence and custodians of its future.

“Ndimi madzimai musvo weMusangano. Tino vimba nemi, as we head towards next year’s 2023 Harmonised General Elections.

We know that the Women’s League will defend our hard-won Independence, sovereignty, freedom and right to self-determination by resoundingly voting for Zanu-PF.

Nhaka yenyika yedu yakachengeteka nemadzimai eZimbabwe!”

“Robust and responsive grassroots mobilisation strategies must see more members of the party registering as voters and to vote resoundingly for our party Zanu-PF.


As your President and First Secretary, I assure you that resources to support your mobilisation work and programmes will be availed.”

In the face of continued Western economic sanctions and other global shocks, women were encouraged to participate in the strengthening of the country’s economic resilience.

President Mnangagwa encouraged the Women’s League to embrace other women in opposition parties who wish to join Zanu-PF.

“We are a party from the people, for the people and by the people; strongly rooted in the power and will of the people. Women in opposition parties admire the great work you are doing.

They are keen and desperate to join you.

Embrace them as they come back home.

We will never leave any of our people behind and will always act in their interest, no matter where they live,” he said.

As caregivers, women were challenged to nurture the young generation so that they don’t give in to alien agendas and narratives planted by the country’s detractors.

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