Prophet Ngwenya’s bombing testimonies

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Prophet Ngwenya’s bombing testimonies Thabiso Ngwenya

The Sunday News

Bongani Ndlovu, Sunday Life Correspondent
IT is either mysterious or it is a stroke of luck, but some of the miracles or breakthroughs that happen after prayer sessions are interesting to the ear.

Prominent people, football stars, business people and the ordinary man and woman have so many testimonies that they share about their breakthroughs.

Take for instance Zimbabwean international footballer Marvellous Nakamba who plays for Aston Villa in the English Premier League.

This season it has not been an easy one for Marvellous, who had been a regular starter last season under Dean Smith, the team’s manager.

Last season he played 29 matches, 19 of those being starts in the first 11 and 10 coming on as a substitute and he was a fan favourite.

However, this year it has not been the same, out of 12 matches played he has appeared in four and only picked in the starting 11 once.

This is where the story begins, according to the bombing prophet, Thabiso Ngwenya, Marvelous reached out to him some weeks ago seeking divine intervention.

He had been referred to Ngwenya by fellow Zimbabwean international, Teenage Hadebe, who gave credit to his soaring career in the Turkish Super League club, New Malatyaspor to Ngwenya last year.

Prophet Ngwenya is known for bombing, at his Faith in Christ International headquarters in Pumula South. He uses what is termed reverse hexes, where water is put into a bottle, he prays for it and then the owner of the bottle hits it on the ground and Wala your problems are over.

So according to Ngwenya, after he gave Marvellous some instructions last week, his prayers were answered.

“I gave Marvellous some instructions such as fasting among other things to do. It wasn’t that he is unable to play or what, but it’s just spirits that are doing this. So, after he did that, he wrote to me saying he was selected for his team and was a starter,” said Ngwenya.

This is the week that Marvellous started his first premiere league game, in a nil all draw against Burnley at Villa Park on 17 December. Marvellous was given a rating of 6/10 after the match by Sky Sports.

Perhaps this is one of those miracles that Ngwenya has come up with or its just timing, but what remains is that Marvellous is a happy man, wherever he has started a league game.

The debate still rages on as to whether this bombing works as it seems that it does with one business woman and her husband, Mr Prince and Mrs Tshuma who own Empire Beef also tell.

“My husband and I have been in the business of selling cows since 2012. After struggling for some time, Prophet Ngwenya said to us we shall have six butcheries. Using prayers and bombing we now have four butcheries.

“Before we would have problems of people failing to pay back the money for the meat, we had sold them. But after fervent prayers and bombings, this has changed, things are moving in the right direction,” said Mrs Tshuma.

Siduduzile Tapela who lives in Bulawayo’s Kumalo suburb, who declined to be identified said she prayed for water.
“For years I have been trying to drill a borehole in my yard, but I was told by surveyors that there was no water. Just this year, I came here to the prophet and he said I should bomb, after that he told me ‘go get your water’. Just 40 metres of drilling we hit the water,” she said.

“I also received two cars from my sisters in UK. I was tired of walking, so I bombed and I received them in two months times.”

One woman who is a teacher at Mzilikazi High School said for 27 years she had been applying to be transferred from the rural areas, but that did not happen, until she bombed.

Ngwenya also shared that he told a miner by the name David that he was set for a windfall of US$37 000, after bombing.

“David was renting at Makokoba for more than 10 years, mining without success since 2006. The first week of March, he was prophesied that he would get US$37 000, a week after the prophecy he got it and he got another one and managed to buy a five bedroomed house in Greenhill,” said Ngwenya.

These are among many testimonies that people who attend Ngwenya’s church say and it is intriguing that they come after bombing.

It seems to be working for these people and that there is some divine power that Ngwenya has, because if it was not there, why are there so many people that flock to him.

Perhaps its mere perfect timing one could argue, that their fortune came at the right season.

This man is a busy person, during the day as many people come to see him with their bottles filled with water.

Be it empty bottles of beer, wine, whiskey, you name it, the bottles are there. He holds the bottles and mumbles while labouring at it, then says hamba uyetshaya.

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