Race for Europe: Chelsea could sneak in after denting Spurs’ hopes

03 May, 2024 - 10:05 0 Views
Race for Europe: Chelsea could sneak in after denting Spurs’ hopes The Champions League will have a new format next season - but which Premier League teams will be involved?

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Chelsea boosted their hopes of European qualification after denting Spurs’ Champions League ambitions. They’re up against Man Utd and Newcastle for what could be the Premier League’s last spot.

As ever, there are few certainties but plenty of variables at play as the season enters the final stages.

Arsenal and Manchester City have both qualified for the Champions League.

However, the prospect of the Premier League earning an additional Champions League place has now ended – only Italy and Germany will have five teams in the Champions League next year.

Liverpool have almost claimed one of the two remaining places – even if Tottenham win all of their remaining five games, Liverpool require just four more points to be sure of Champions League qualification.

That means Aston Villa and Tottenham are effectively going head to head for the fourth and final CL spot.

Villa are currently seven points above Tottenham, who have a game in hand.

Fifth place in the Premier League will qualify for next season’s Europa League, with the team going directly into the new league phase, rather than needing to play any additional qualifying or play-off game. Tottenham are currently in position to take this spot.

With a six-point gap between Tottenham and sixth-placed Manchester United, the identity of the top five is, at present at least, seemingly settled.

However, there is a second Europa League spot available – and United could take that. – Skysports

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