Rukanzakanza brings joy to Pumula South students with free ZUPCO rides

12 Oct, 2021 - 10:10 0 Views
Rukanzakanza brings joy to Pumula South students with free ZUPCO rides Joy Rukanzakanza

The Sunday News

Bruce Ndlovu, Sunday News Reporter

AS she continues to rollout of her single, Queendom, United Kingdom based songbird Joy Rukanzakanza, known affectionately as Joy, has partnered with ZUPCO to give free rides for students in Pumula South during the course of Tuesday.

The initiative by the songbird, who is currently in her native country to promote her music, started at 6.30 am and will end at 4.30 pm.

Released with visuals from Twinner, Joy’s Queendom is the third single from the artist’s upcoming debut album “Matter More For Sis”.

Speaking of her ZUPCO initiative, Joy said the move was inspired by her early days in Bulawayo, where she had to walk long distances to Sizane High School.

“This project came after I had a conversation with the sponsor about my musical journey. I went to Sizane High School and for a couple of years, used to walk from Pumula South to school a journey that took close to 1hr 30 minutes to and from daily. The economy was very bad at the time and most families like myself preferred saving for extra food instead of transportation. This was the case with me and instead of being discouraged, this experience propelled me to work harder so that one day the sacrifices and hard work could work in my favour,” she said.

Joy said Sizane occupied a special place in her heart, as it was there where her dreams began to take shape.

“It was at Sizane High where my music career took a strong hold as I used to sing in the choir every Tuesday and Thursday. I was very active in the debate and public speaking club and exposure brought by all those activities, really set me up for a successful academic career overall.  I am here today because of all those experiences and it is my hope that this project inspires other artists and corporations to be socially responsible and engage in projects like this one. I also hope to inspire school students to defy expectations and all odds against them. It is very much possible with hard work and a clear vision,” she said.

Upon graduating from high school, Joy moved to the United States to further her studies. In 2019 she graduated “magna cum laude” with a degree in International Studies and a minor in Africana Studies from Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania. She managed to record professionally while studying and would also fit in recording sessions each time she came back to Zimbabwe on vacation.


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